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Update From The Comic-Con Show Floor!

Babs is already exhausted from all the interviews and the day is only half over...

All I can say is that I think I met all the right people today. I am already exhausted and the day is only half way through. Thankfully I was able to score some major interviews and meet with some awesome people. It is so cool to walk down through the show floor and be recognized as a representative for Comic Vine! I met Jill, 'The Nerdybird' who I talk to all the time via twitter, and who I hope to see writing for us very soon. In addition, I ran into one of our Comic Vine users, Sora The Key, and it was awesome to meet him! He is very cool!  
When you guys see the interviews I scored this morning, you will be stoked. I wish I could tell you, but I want it to be a huge surprise!  
We are taking a quick break to eat some food and try to catch up with some DC writers after I catch up with some of the kids of at Aspen Comics. I am way excited and can't wait to share the full experience with you guys later tonight! If you want to follow me around the show floor, check out my Twitter feed!