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UPDATE: Cyclops Will Return To Lead UNCANNY X-MEN

Not only will the character be returning to a leadership role, but he may experience a shift in his powers.

When we first posted about Marvel's UNCANNY teaser about a week ago, we speculated that based on the title and the red underlay of the graphic in the teaser, we had a funny feeling that this series would have something to do with Cyclops and the X-Men. Apparently, we were right. Artist Chris Bachalo who will be penciling the upcoming series that is being written by Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed yet another teaser image on his blog.

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The image focuses on Cyclops, front and center, standing before what appears to be Magik and Magneto. It seems that the former X-Men leader won't be staying in prison for very much longer, and might soon be making his way out to rejoin his group of rebellious mutants. According to the artist, the decision to make the switch from WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN to the launch of this new UNCANNY X-MEN book was a "tough one," but that when Bendis approached him for the relaunch, "how do you turn down that offer." The artist went on to describe the book as being a little bit darker than what he's been working on lately, and that can also be attributed to the fact that the Phoenix Force "adjusted" some of the powers of certain characters. But wait, that's not all. According to Bachalo "as of today, there are two new mutants," and it's a "big jump that I'm sure will turn a few off," but that he and Bendis are "betting most will welcome and enjoy."

This is kind of big news for fans of Cyclops and the X-Men, and I'm sure many of you (myself included), are definitely looking forward to seeing how the Phoenix Force alters the powers of certain characters, and who these new characters are and what they will be like. Interesting stuff! What do you think of the news? How do you think these characters' powers will change? Do you think we will see a more powerful Cyclops? And is it just their powers that will be altered, or will we see these characters change psychologically, as well? Regardless, it is definitely an interesting time to be a fan of Cyclops and the X-Men.


Oh look, we were right. Earlier today Marvel released the full cover to the first issue of the upcoming UNCANNY X-MEN which Bachalo had teased about on his blog yesterday.

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== TEASER ==

Cyclops will be joined by Magneto, Emma Frost, Magik and a slew of new X-Men in this upcoming series that is sure to be the "flagship" X-Men title.

What do you guys think? Does it look good? Are you excited about reading this series?

Source: Chris Bachalo Illustration

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Avatar image for lordrequiem
Posted By LordRequiem

I don't know why but I like that new costume. Maybe it reminds me of a certain power ranger. Still a cool revamp though.

Avatar image for edwardwindsor
Posted By EdwardWindsor

Phoenix altered powers bit sounds intresting. Will be keeping an eye on this

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Posted By The_Soverighn


Avatar image for crash_recovery
Posted By Crash_Recovery

I'm still hoping that Young Cyke ensures that this Cyclops never comes to exist.

Avatar image for pwok21
Posted By Pwok21

Pull list.

Avatar image for kennyquick
Posted By KennyQuick

Sounds interesting, I really like the role Scott is in right now. Makes him a lot more interesting to read about.

Avatar image for lvenger
Posted By lvenger

@Crash_Recovery said:

I'm still hoping that Young Cyke ensures that this Cyclops never comes to exist.

I really wish that were the case. Then I might start to find something to like about Cyclops.

Avatar image for notarandomguy
Posted By notarandomguy

I knew it !! after the news about certain Vertigo book, this just made my day ^_^

Avatar image for no_name_
Posted By No_Name_

@EdwardWindsor said:

Phoenix altered powers bit sounds intresting. Will be keeping an eye on this

As does the two new characters part.

Avatar image for rudorudo
Posted By rudorudo

@EdwardWindsor said:

Phoenix altered powers bit sounds intresting. Will be keeping an eye on this

i see what you did thar - Puns galore!

Avatar image for cavemold
Posted By Cavemold

Magneto is beastly

Avatar image for impala
Posted By Impala

I hope this Cyke beets the boy scout out of the young one.

Avatar image for jonny_anonymous
Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

How can anybody be exited for Bendis being in charge of the X-Verse? He will turn Cyclops in to a lunatic and the book will be trash just like everything he did with Avengers 

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Posted By jpblair88

Magneto is in it. the only reason im interested at all.

Avatar image for edwardwindsor
Posted By EdwardWindsor
@Babs True but the thing with new Xmen is they go missing quite often after awhile. I really liked elixir but he's dissapeared.
Avatar image for mega_spidey01
Posted By Mega_spidey01

cyclops has gone to the darkside no hope for redemption.

Avatar image for sj_esposito
Posted By sj_esposito

Man, this sounds so good. Another reason Marvel NOW is owning The New 52.

Avatar image for evanthemexijew
Posted By EvanTheMexiJew

I'm not gonna lie, I'm sortuv hoping that they make Cyclops a villain. I personally love when good characters turn evil, and having Cyclops as a bad guy with, I don't know, Magik and Magneto at his side would be intriguing, especially w/ classic Cyke heading to the present.

Avatar image for brucecapell
Posted By brucecapell

uncanny brotherhood

Avatar image for queenfrost_
Posted By queenfrost_

But what of my queen, Emma? I hope the phoenix force activated her latent TK or something. Also I hope she's in this team with a new and improved costume as well!


Avatar image for jcj145
Posted By jcj145

The half face in the corner looks like the girl with the extinction squad from that set of three X book promos from weeks back

Avatar image for impossibilly
Posted By impossibilly

You had me at Bachallo.

Avatar image for mercy_
Posted By Mercy_

Yay Bachalo...damn Bendis.

Avatar image for skaddix
Posted By Skaddix

Yeah looks Emma to me and the Fake Rachel (New Character).

New costumes thank god especially for Magik.

New Powers I am guessing Frost gets TK. As for Scott and Magik not sure.

Avatar image for god_spawn
Posted By God_Spawn

@queenfrost_: She's gonna get out. They showed her during the previews for All New X-Men which come out next week.

No Caption Provided
Avatar image for god_spawn
Posted By God_Spawn

@ApatheticAvenger: Think the Phoenix altering his powers might have something to do with the ANXM issue 3 cover? Like he can control their trajectory like he did as a host?

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Avatar image for theamazingimmortalman
Posted By TheAmazingImmortalMan

@EvanTheMexiJew said:

I'm not gonna lie, I'm sortuv hoping that they make Cyclops a villain. I personally love when good characters turn evil, and having Cyclops as a bad guy with, I don't know, Magik and Magneto at his side would be intriguing, especially w/ classic Cyke heading to the present.


Avatar image for nick7913
Posted By nick7913

I really can't help but feel there has been a huge missed opportunity ever since Joss Whedon left Astonishing X-Men for Scott to get some real growth to his character. None of this silly "darker and edgier" thing we've been seeing for the last decade or so, which really doesn't gel at all with the character both as he was conceived and as he was subsequently evolved. He finally grew into the leader role that Xavier always envisaged for him, gained control of his powers and got the confidence he needed. Then, after Whedon was done they picked up all his toys and put them back in the box, just like they did after Grant Morrison's run. It's obvious that they want the character to change but whenever they get the chance they wipe the slate and go back to this stupid idea of Scott ordering executions and whatnot. Really? Scott Summers? And Logan is the sensible one? And please stop using Emma as a crutch for weak writing because all the bad things he does seem to stem from her influence and writers are quick to forget that this is not the Dark Phoenix Saga days, Emma has evolved as well. Whedon is the only one who ever made me feel like Cyclops was cool, I wish someone could continue in that direction.

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Posted By Master_Thief
Avatar image for leadervladimir
Posted By LeaderVladimir

Crap! Chris Bachalo is the penciler? This totally sucks.

Avatar image for or35ti
Posted By Or35ti

I'm looking forward to hearing about this

Avatar image for omega_ray_jay
Posted By Omega Ray Jay

@brucecapell said:

uncanny brotherhood

lol nice

Avatar image for mrfuzzynutz
Edited By Mrfuzzynutz

So we have a 50/50 shot on this. Will we get the Bendis that does a marvelous Daredevil, or Would this the Bendis that laid a fart on The Avengers franchise?

Avatar image for god_spawn
Edited By God_Spawn

Hopefully the book will be good, but I'm not expecting much. I'm still not completely down on the costume and I find the hood/helmet X visor silly. I am hoping the new outfit just stays in the new Uncanny book while Immonen can keep up the Utopia look cause he does a good job on it. I find it better anyways. Fingers crossed the X visor doesn't cross over into ANXM when it gets further in the series. That way, if I feel like dropping Uncanny, I can pretend it doesn't exist.

Avatar image for violetphoenix
Edited By VioletPhoenix

Judge Dredd? HOW DOES HE SEE?!

Avatar image for blur1528
Posted By blur1528

I love the lines on Cyke's suit. Can't pin it though. Maybe it reminds me of Archangel...

Avatar image for kagato
Posted By kagato

Is that really Magneto? That new helmet is amazing! Kinda reminds me of Onslaught. Was wondering when the new look Cyclops was getting out of prison, is he still going to be an ass though? <ducks>

Avatar image for cooke76
Posted By Cooke76

@Mega_spidey01 said:

cyclops has gone to the darkside no hope for redemption.

Yeah, saving an entire race from extinction is just absolutely the worst thing a person can do, isn't it?

Avatar image for neiliusprime
Posted By neiliusprime

so he is now more of an anti-hero?

Avatar image for batteredarmor
Posted By BatteredArmor

This is the 12th time I've looked at this pic since it dropped on Bleeding Cool and god help me Cyke's X-face costume is starting to grow on me

Avatar image for hexthis
Posted By HexThis

I'm just going to assume there's some intrigue in joining Magneto or this is just some residual Darkchylde influence....because Magik seems a bit too smart for this group.

Avatar image for meteorite
Posted By Meteorite

If I had known about this a few months ago, I wouldn't have had to put Uncanny Avengers on my pull list... sigh.

Avatar image for pspin
Posted By pspin

And now AvX meant absolutely nothing.

Avatar image for zackattack529
Posted By zackattack529

I want to like this since ima Cyke guy...but Bendis just doesn't do well with team books.

Of course ill end up checking out the first issue anyways.

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Posted By GothamRed


Avatar image for metatron_da_don
Edited By Metatron_Da_Don
@neiliusprime: anti-villain?
Cyke reminds me of the AoA Cyclops. Colder and more calculating.
Coincidentally, is that Magneto's AoA costume?
Avatar image for juicefacekilla
Posted By juicefacekilla

I love the idea of having two different Cyclops running around the Marvel universe. We have classic boy scout Summers, and the current whatever it takes Cyclops.

Avatar image for veitha
Posted By Veitha

Where's Ms.Frost??? Well, if she's on this book, it'll Definetely be mah favourite Marvel Now Book