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Update: 'Beware the Batman' To Be WB's Next Animated Series

Is that Alfred with a gun? And Katana?

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Warner Brothers animated cartoons is that each of them carries its own, very unique tone -- each of them is different. Perhaps, reason being, is that there have been so many different versions of Batman and his character has been interpreted in so many different ways. Batman the Animated Series was influenced by both the darker tone of Batman comics at the time as well as the Tim Burton Batman films. Batman: The Brave and the Bold is campy, fun with tongue in cheek jokes inspired by (no doubt) the 1960's Adam West Batman television series. Now that the Brave and the Bold is seemingly complete, what's next for Batman?

Beware the Batman
Beware the Batman

During San Diego Comic-Con 2010 t was announced that Batman: The Brave and the Bold's third season would be it's last and that after those next thirteen episodes fans would see the launch of an all new Batman animated cartoon series; but up until now, we didn't know what to expect.

== TEASER ==

In the final Brave and the Bold's episode (#65) titled "Bat-Mite" (which hasn't aired in the U.S. yet), there is a short teaser of a CGI Batgirl series evidently inspired by Chuck Dixon's Batgirl: Year One, comic book. The short film is animated entirely in CGI and caused speculation amongst fans as to whether or not Warner Brothers animation would actually create a Batgirl, CGI, animated series.

Batman the Brave and the Bold
Batman the Brave and the Bold

While this hasn't been confirmed, it was in fact, hinting towards Warner Brother's next animated Batman project. Earlier today it was revealed that an all CGI Batman series titled Beware the Batman would be WB animation's next project. The tone of the series, according to Producer James Tucker during the Batman: Brave and the Bold panel back in SDCC 2010 is that this series would be a "darker" Dark Knight.

Producer James Tucker said they never make fun of Batman and he doesn't always have to be serious. He related it to the weird 50s stories that people like Grant Morrison have read. Despite the bad news of the series ended, it was announced that Tucker would be working on a new Batman series. He said it would be like the dark Dark Knight and joked, "I think he's going to be a serial killer in the next one."

CGI Batgirl from 'Brave and the Bold'
CGI Batgirl from 'Brave and the Bold' "Bat-Mite" episode

The first image (albeit, low quality) has been leaked, and you can see it above. What's different? How about Alfred. With a gun.

The title of the upcoming animated cartoon series was announced during the MIP Junior conference in Cannes, France on Sunday, October 2nd 2011. As was revealed in SDCC 2010, the idea of a darker Batman in the upcoming Beware the Batman animated series is reiterated. According to the source, the animated series will feature a "Gun-toting Alfred Pennyworth" and a "female ninja sidekick" which has been confirmed to be Katana, who also appeared in the Batman the Brave and the Bold cartoon series.

Without many of the DC animated cartoons many of us wouldn't have picked up our first comic book; so the announcement that Warner Brothers plans to release another Batman animated cartoon series that could potentially bring in another younger generation of comic fans is great news.

We will continue to update with news regarding the new animated cartoon as we obtain more information; but for now, what do you think of Beware the Batman?

UPDATE: According to footage from the DC Nation keynote, WB animation, DC Comics and Cartoon Network are creating a one-hour block, a destination for their superhero programming. The two half hours they are currently working on (Green Lantern and Young Justice) will be returning and be in this block. In between there will be "interstitials and shorts," meaning three content blocks: episodic, shorts, and interstitials are live action news segments to demonstrate what's happening around DC Nation. Every week on Cartoon Network you will see something new. Thanks for the tip, Doordoor123.

Source: The World's Finest and Comic Book Movie