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"Unthinkable" Picked Up By Mandalay Pictures

Boom! Studios' comic to become a movie!

Boom! Studios' comic to become a movie!

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Looks like we may be seeing Boom! Studios' comic, ' Unthinkable' on the big screen! According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Mandalay Pictures has picked up the rights to 'Unthinkable,' a story written and created by writer Mark Sable, about a man who is recruited by the United States government to come up with possible scenerios for terrorist attacks on American soil. The story takes place following the September 11th attacks. While initially the government may have been acting preemptively, they eventually dissolve the "think tank" and when the hypothetical attacks become a reality, the man becomes a government target.
The idea was first brought to the attention of studio executives back in July around the time of the San Diego Comic-Con.

Have you read 'Unthinkable'? Does it seem like a book you would be interested in? I for one am really excited to see the film adaptation, and I only hope it does Mark Sable's book justice!