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Uncle Scrooge #384 Reviewed. Yes, I Said Uncle Scrooge

G-Man checks out Boom! Kids first crack at Scrooge McDuck.

I believe most of you know that I am a father.  There's no way my daughter could not share my love of comics.  You simply cannot escape the comics in my household.  That being said, we have quite the range of comics on the market these days.  There are clearly some comics that she knows are off limits (there was a time she almost picked up an issue of Mark Millar's Kick-Ass).  While I'm not planning on turning into the "Daddy Reviewer," I do like to check out and share with you guys some of these comics that might not necessarily be geared towards you.  Although after filming my review, I discovered there's a whole group of 'older' readers that have read this issue.  More on that after the review:

As you can see, I really enjoyed the comic.  Sometimes after I do a review, I get curious to see what others felt about the issue.  I make a point to avoid reading others' thought until after I've committed myself to my rating.  While I enjoyed the comic and stated that anyone that loves these characters will too, it turns out that may not necessarily be the case.  I came across a forum board where people take their Uncle Scrooge/Disney comics very seriously.  They apparently had some issues with this presentation.
For me, it's a great way to get my daughter reading about these Disney characters.  I mentioned that I have picked up a few issues in the past.  Maybe because I'm not necessarily a hardcore Scrooge McDuck fan, I'm not as critical over this as others out there.  It was a fun comic.  The story felt like a well written adventure for the gang based on what I remember from watching Duck Tales in my youth.  As I type this, my daughter is actually reading the comic.  She's about half way through and she said she likes it.  She dropped everything she was doing when I showed her the comic.  Perhaps that is who Boom! Kids is gearing this comic towards.  I have no problem picking up a $2.99 comic for her versus a $7.99 comic, even if the later has more content.  I think this is just right.
For a kids' comic, I think Boom! succeeded in what they set out to do.  I will be picking up the next issue and my daughter will be thrilled to read it.  To me, that is what really matters.