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Unboxing: Darkseid & Grail DC Icons 2-Pack

We take a close look at the $100 collectible set.

DC Collectibles has a new 2-pack is set to be released in January featuring Darkseid and Grail. The company sent us the set to get an early look. Check out our unboxing video below.

Darkseid is one of the deadliest characters in the DC Universe. As the ruler of Apokolips, he's caused problems for the Justice League and New Gods on New Genesis. With his immense power, he stands tall, and this figure puts him in scale with the other 7-inch ones.

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There is a lot of articulation to the figure. Darkseid is as posable as the smaller scaled figures. He has big shoulder pads, and they're designed with a joint that allows the figure's arms to move up and down. You also have your choice in hands. Darkseid can either have his fists clenched or hands open. Of course, you can also mix open and closed hands.

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Often, figures appear extremely stiff with how they stand. The ankle joints here allow more posing options. With its size, it's a very heavy and solid figure. The design of the feet lets the figure balance with ease.

What about Grail? What's her story?

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Grail made her first official appearance in 2014. Believe it or not, she's Darkseid's daughter. Her mother is the Amazon Myrina Black, and she was born on Themyscira on the same day as Wonder Woman.

This figure includes three sets of hands, a giant axe, and a poncho. Similar to Darkseid, there is a bunch of articulation to allow different poses. Her half-shaved head makes her a little top heavy, but you can still easily get the figure to stand on its own. Surprisingly, the figure can even stand while holding the big axe.

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As you could probably imagine, Grail and her father didn't get along too well. Depicted in the Darkseid War story arc in the Justice League series by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok, Grail conspired with the Anti-Monitor.

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The 2-pack has a $100 price tag. That may seem a little high, but the single figures are typically around $30. DC Collectibles previously released a different Darkseid figure in 2012 that retailed for $90. With the massive size of Darkseid, the price point makes sense. It's a good looking figure. The fact that it can be easily posed makes it a good-looking figure to have on display. If you have any of the other DC figures, it makes a great addition to your collection.

You can purchase the set directly from DC Collectibles or other retailers.