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Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #1 Review

G-Man reviews Spider-Man's memorial issue.

We've seen Spider-Man's death due to Ultimatum.  Well, I suppose we haven't actually seen it.  But people seem to be pretty sure he's dead.


While I loved seeing the return of Mark Bagley to Ultimate Spider-Man, it just didn't quite feel like a "requiem" issue to me.  Do you think the "flashback" should have been focused on just one incident?  If Jameson has all these stories, you'd think he'd ponder over more than just one, especially since this is a two issue mini-series.  It also feels like it could have just continued in Ultimate Spider-Man rather than making a new book.  What did you think?  We know a "new" Spider-Man is supposed to appear in the new Ultimate Spidey book.  Who thinks Peter Parker is really dead?  Would Marvel actually kill his character since it's the Ultimate Universe?