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Uh Oh, New Batgirl...New Costume?

Will she make this a permanent costume?

I have to admit that I haven't really seen everyone's reaction to the "new" Batgirl.  I know people really liked Cassandra Cain, and for good reason.  I think we can all agree that she really earned the mantle and made it hers.  Now she's been pushed out of the picture and we have Stephanie Brown.  Perhaps because she wants to make the role hers as well, it appears she will be getting her own version of the Batgirl costume.  Check out the image courtesy of DC.


I have a feeling people aren't going to really dig it.  I mean, why the purple?  I get that perhaps she really liked purple since that was the color of her Spoiler costume.  But if she's going to give that up to become Batgirl, that's her choice.  And having her hair show?  What's up with that?  Sure people will soon realize that she's not the same Batgirl they might know, I just don't see why she wants to advertise that.  It also makes it a little bit easier to figure out her "secret identity."  Everyone will know that Batgirl is now a blonde.
What do you guys think of this new look?  Are you still upset that Batgirl is no longer Cassandra?  Do you like the new costume?  Do you think her hair should be sticking out?
UPDATE: Babs just pointed me to Lee Garbett's blog with some more costume designs:

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