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Tron Legacy: 5-Disc Blu-ray Combo Review

There's a lot of Tron on this Blu-ray release.

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Tron fans can now watch the original and sequel, Tron Legacy, at home in high definition on Blu-ray. If  you've been thinking about adding these movies to your collection, you have several options to choose from. I got my hands on the whopping five-disc collection. What you get is Tron Legacy in Blu-ray 3D, Tron Legacy in Blu-ray 2D, a DVD version of Tron Legacy, digital copy as well as the classic Tron special edition on Blu-ray. That sure is a lot of Tron.    
I began by watching the classic Tron movie. I'm pretty sure I haven't watched it since it first came out in 1982. How does it hold up? Not very well. It has a good story and of course it's what set everything up for Tron Legacy. 

I compared the Blu-ray the 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition. There is quite a difference. You have to keep in mind that it was made in the early 80s. Yes it does have cheesy graphics and animations. The movie has been digitally restored and has enhanced high-definition sound. But it might be a little hard for some to watch. 
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The original Tron starred Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner and Cindy Morgan. When Bridges' character, Flynn, hacks into the computer mainframe where he used to work (because the guy running it ripped his ideas off), he gets transported into a digital world and has to fight for his life. There is  a valid eplanation as how he gets there. For its time, it was a groundbreaking idea. This was before computers were common and the internet was far from being created. If you can handle the 80s graphics and can sit through some slow scenes, it's worth checking out, especially if you've seen Tron Legacy. This way you get an idea of how far it's all come. 

There are some new Special Features included. With Tron Phenomenon, you get feature close to ten minutes looking back at the franchise. There's insight from actors Bridges, Boxleitner, Olivia Wilde as well as the new writers. There's a Photo Tronology feature, Audio commentary and the original DVD features that include Development, Digital Imagery, Deleted Scenes, Making of, etc.

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As for Tron Legacy, I never made it to theaters to watch the film. I wanted to but it just never happened. I had wondered how there could be such a drastic change in the look of the digital world. Of course there is an explanation that makes perfect sense. There were some really nice visuals but the world almost felt a little confined. We're expected to believe Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) gets transported to the digital world of Tron. It's a vast world but we only see a few locations. 

Backing up a little in terms of the story, the basic premise is Kevin Flynn disappeared years ago and Kevin goes in search of him after receiving a mysterious message, seemingly from his father. That's all fine but I was a little bothered at how quickly he adapted to the deadly games in the world of Tron. Sure he had spent years doing different things that could be seen as some sort of training for this world but it felt like a stretch. Running at two hours and five minutes, I have to admit I started getting bored now and then. It was a good movie with very nice visuals.

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The big special feature is a short called The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed. Someone has started a movement on the internet about lost creator Kevin Flynn being alive. There is also Disney Second Screen. This requires you to download an app to your iPad or laptop and you can insight into the movie and digital models by syncing with the movie and it doesn't interrupt what you're watching. You get a first look at Tron: Uprising, the Disney XD animated series as well as Launching the Legacy, Visualizing Tron, Installing the cast, Disc Roars (showing how they recorded crowd applauding and chanting at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010) and a music video for "Derezzed" by Daft Punk.

I didn't get a chance to check out the Blu-ray 3D version but I believe my neighbor considering buying one. That means I'll have to invite myself over and bring along the disc.

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Growing up in the 80s and going to the arcades to play games, Tron held a special place for me. The movies are a trip and the Blu-ray presentation is absolutely amazing. The sound and audio serve as a reminder why I simply love my Blu-ray player. This collection is almost overwhelming with all the different versions of the same film. If you don't have a 3D television, there is also a non-3D Blu-ray/Classic Tron combo you can pick up. The movie may not appeal to everyone but if you're into video games and adventure filled visuals accompanied by some great music, you'll want to check Tron Legacy out. If you've seen it already, the Blu-ray presentation and special features makes this worthy of being part of your personal collection. The original Tron might not be a movie you'd watch over and over but is definitely worth checking out if you haven't so you get a full understanding of the evolution of Tron.