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Top 12 Comic Vine News Articles For 2012

Which articles did you guys read the most?

Bruce likes keeping tabs on us.
Bruce likes keeping tabs on us.

It's the end of the year. Usually that means websites post 'best of' lists. We didn't really go that route this year. By this point, you most likely know what we like, what series we felt were the best, which artists and writers are doing a great job, etc. The lists are always a matter of opinion based on who makes them. Maybe we'll reconsider and do one for next year.

While we do have a different kind of list coming up tomorrow, let's take the time to look at what you guys and gals found interesting this year. As you know, we have many visitors to our sites on the forums and news page. We do pay close attention to what people like. This is a list of the articles that had the most views. It may say a little something about what we post but it says more about what the Comic Vine community likes as well.

Top 12 News Posts for 2012

1 SDCC 2012: Cosplay Gallery

Cosplay. San Diego Comic-Con. 600 images. What more needs to be said?

2 Comic Book Wallpapers for the New iPad

This was a pet project I wanted to continue. I was hoping in my spare time (what?) I'd be able to make some more. I was also hoping people would contribute themselves in the comments. We are due for some new ones. We'll see if we can make some more sometime.

3 Five Revelations About Starfire From RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #6

Everyone had their opinions of Starfire after the first issue of RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS came out. The sixth issue shed some more light on her character. Will we see more about Starfire in 2013?

4 Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Causes Alarm on the Internet

People sure did have a lot to say about the Ninja Turtles being changed into aliens or whatever it was Bay had planned. Part of me doesn't even want to think about it. Let's move on.

5 The 12 Comics We're Most Excited to Read in 2012

What comics were we looking forward to this past year? Did our opinions change? In some cases it's a little obvious our excitement diminished a little. Now we have a new year of comics to look forward to.

6 Spider-Man's Costume Through The Years

Do people realize how many costumes Spider-Man has had? We even did a video on this at the end of 2011. For a guy known for his classic red and blue costume, he's had a bunch of different looks. This article talks about some of them.

7 WonderCon 2012 Cosplay Gallery

More cosplay. WonderCon was supposed to take place in San Francisco. Despite happening right when our transition from Whiskey Media to CBSi, we didn't let that or the change in venue stop us from attending.

8 DC Comics Announces the Return of The Joker

People were surprised and excited about the possibilities of the Joker in the New 52. We're still in the midst of seeing his crazed plans unfold.

9 Most Disappointing Story Lines: Marvel Comics

Mat took the time to share some of his bitter feelings about the times he was disappointed.

10 Off My Mind: Why Red Hulk is a Better Avenger than Hulk

Hulk may be an original member and Bruce Banner is a genius, but we're talking about Thaddeus Ross, a long time Army general and strategist.

11 Off My Mind: Who Else Could Have Survived THE WALKING DEAD?

We discovered there are more survivors out there. Rick and the gang are now wishing they didn't find out about them. We're still seeing how this is going to affect their survival.

12 Interview: Scott Snyder Talks 'Return of the Joker: Death of the Family'

This was where we asked Scott about the Joker, what he had planned and what he thought about him before.

There you have it. Are you surprised by what made the list?