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Tony Stark Updates Us On Armored Adventures

Cartoon debuts on April 24 at 7 pm ET

I'm on the fence about the new "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" cartoon.  It premieres on April 24 at 7 pm ET on NickToons.  It's great that not only are they airing the "Wolverine and the X-Men" cartoon but now another superhero show is being added. 

My concerns are over the animation.  I think I need to see more in action to fully appreciate it.  It's good that they're taking a different approach to give the show its own identity.  I'm just not sure if I really like it.  It almost seems a little bland.

The other problem I have is the fact that we have a teenage Tony Stark.  Again, great that they're reinventing the character.  I understand that I may not be their target audience as I won't be buying the toys and lunchboxes (unless they're really really cool, of course). 

What gives me some sense of relief is the fact that Christopher Yost is involved.  Here's an update from Tony Stark himself.