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TMNT #25 Cover Reveals Leonardo's Foot Clan Costume

Sweet mother of Splinter, that's one cool outfit!

City Fall is quickly approaching! If you don't know what that is... shame on you! But, you can fix that terrible mistake by reading our interview with TMNT writer Tom Waltz! At this point, it's no secret Leo is going to end up on Shredder's side. Maybe it's all a trick. Maybe there's a legitimate reason. As of right now, we have no idea why. However, we do now know Leo will be sporting a seriously awesome look once he switches sides. Artist and writer Mateus Santolouco has posted his cover for issue #25.

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Yeah, let's see you call Leo a boy scout now. Here's the solicitation for the issue.

“CITY FALL” part 4: City Fall continues as Shredder reveals his new second-in-command: Leonardo! While the underworld readies their armies, the Turtles must come together if they have any hope of saving their brother. Don’t miss this landmark 25th issue that sees the launch of a full-scale war on New York City! The Savate, Foot Clan, and Slash are all back — along with a couple of shocking special guests!"

What do you think of the redesign and are you stoked for City Fall? Sound off below!


Mateus Santolouco posted the concept design for "Dark Leo!"

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