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Titan Comics Takes Over Doctor Who License

The Doctor and his T.A.R.D.I.S. find a new home at Titan Comics

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In a piece of stunning news, BBC announced that they signed a new deal with Titan comics to publish Doctor Who comics. Titan has had some creator-owned success with series like DEATH SENTENCE, LENORE, and TANK GIRL. Creative teams will be announced in the upcoming weeks, and Titan will release their first Doctor Who books in 2014.

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Titan's Who-books will focus on Tennant's Doctor, Smith's Doctor, and Capaldi's Doctor, whose season is currently in production over at BBC. No word yet if Titan plans to delve into past Doctors.

This ends the roughly six-year relationship with IDW Publishing, who launched their first DOCTOR WHO volume back in 2008. With the relaunch of the television series, Doctor Who's popularity skyrocketed and so did the want for everything Doctor Who, including reprints of old books, which IDW also produced.

How well the Who franchise does over at Titan all really hinges on who the creative teams are. There's a lot for Titan to jump into here, with endless amounts of stories, characters, and worlds to tackle. All eyes are on Titan Comics.

What do you guys think of the move? How will Titan Comics do with this extremely popular franchise?