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Thunderbolts #138 Early Review

G-Man wonders how long this current team can stay together.

What are your thoughts on the Thunderbolts.  I've always been fascinated by the concept.  They were the Dark Avengers before the Dark Avengers were formed.  What made them different is they actually started becoming heroes.  They ended up wanting to fight the good fight.  The other importance of the Thunderbolts is with Norman leading them during Secret Invasion, that position is what gave him access to 'winning' the Skrull war.  Currently there seems to be a divide among the team.  How long can this team survive?

The hardest part for me with this current team is the fact that I don't really care or like these guys.  When the current Ant-Man is my favorite member of a team, that's not a good sign.  I will admit I'm curious about Scourge Paladin has had some interesting moments in the past.  As for Ghost, Headsman and Mister X, I'm not too interested.  Although I guess I do want to see what Ghost's overall plan is.  
Jeff Parker does a great job jumping in and taking over the writing duties.  As I mentioned, if you read issue #137 and then 138 right away, you don't really feel a difference.  I can't put the blame on him over the fact that I'm not interested in some members of the team.  He does show some signs of delving into Scourge's character.  Miguel Sepulveda's art and Frank Martin's colors fit nicely.  In my opinion, it's not always easy drawing a battle scene in the jungle.  Often the art and color are too much and it comes across as too cartoony.  The battle is pretty sweet here.
The way I'm looking at this team is anyone is 'killable.'  Besides Ant-Man, I'd be okay with any of them getting killed if it was done well and made a good story.  I'm not usually a fan of killing for killing's sake.  In issue #139 we will see the beginning of the Thunderbolts vs the Agents of Atlas.  I'm sure people will dig that.  While I did like this issue, a small part of it just felt like a set up for the Agents of Atlas story.  Either way, it's worth getting.