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Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie Confirmed

It looks like Aquaman is about to get some major attention in the DC Animated Universe!

Quite a few people weren't very happy about Aquaman not being included in Justice League: War, but the credits scene delivered a major teaser and implied he'll have a big role in the animated universe's future. Additionally, it was previously confirmed (by Geoff Johns on Twitter) that Arthur Curry would indeed play a bigger role in an upcoming DC animated movie. Naturally, many of us began to suspect Throne of Atlantis would serve as the inspiration. Not only was it a relatively recent event in The New 52 universe, but it was thoroughly awesome, too! Aquaman's world was front and center, yet the action-packed story still managed to incorporate the Justice League quite well. It has so many cinematic and epic moments, so it's no surprise they've selected this to serve as the inspiration for a new animated movie! According to the back of Batman: Assault on Arkham's box, the movie will be called Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.

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What do you think about this decision, Viners? Is there a big moment from the story arc you really want to see in the film? Share your thoughts with us below!

If you haven't read Throne of Atlantis yet, check out its page here on Comic Vine to learn all about it. And yes, we recommend picking up the trade!

Batman: Assault on Arkham goes on sale August 12.

Source: World's Finest