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Three Batman Villains Revealed in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

Come get a better look at three new foes in DC's upcoming fighting game!

Holy Batman-related characters, Batman! Ed Boon, the Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios started counting down from 10 on his Twitter page today. No one knew what he was up to, but once it reached zero, he tweeted a new picture of Injustice: Gods Among Us... and it shows three new characters that Batman knows quite well.

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If I had to take a guess, I'd say could be a screenshot from the story mode since it involves so many characters at once. But this begs the question... are Killer Croc, Riddler and Penguin playable or are their roles limited to being enemies in the campaign? We'll find out in due time.  

Additionally, could this be fake?  Maybe he quickly made it to tease us that they'll be in the game... or maybe he's just having fun toying with us? If you look closely you'll notice a few fishy things. For example, Croc's fingers are going through Flash's head. Also, none of the characters have shadows and those appear to be poses/models taken directly from Batman's Arkham video game franchise. 

Viners,would you want any of those characters to be playable, and if so, what alternate costumes would you want for them?

Injustice: Gods Among Us comes out April 16th.  



It looks like this trio (and others) are just a stage hazard in the Arkham Asylum level!  
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Posted By mfundo

Super awesome battle! Well done Wonder Woman though I still love you Harley Quinn!

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@Vaeternus said:

@UltraBiel said:

@Vaeternus: MKvsDC better than MVC3 ?

Now I'm sur e you're joking or trolling! Bye!

lol translation, you have no counter argument as obviously never played the game, and like i said even mk9 sold more then mvc 3 did, and you think marvel games are better then dc games? hahahah now you must be trolling...

You never said anything about my argument of how MvC 2 has more X-men related characters and MvC3 has more Avengers related characters, wanna know why? Because DC games always have the same characters in it, since the stupid Justice League: Task Force. And That there are Titans characters in DC games is a Bad joke right? In wich game were they? Before this one that wasn't even released and you believe (because it still not confirmed) that they are going to be in the game? I've playerd MkvsDC and it sucked! And I love MK since the first one in the arcade!

Make a honest comparison, Arcade games (Marvel wins easily, I don't even remeber a DC character having a popular arcade game) and I'm not talking only about the ones capcom made, even before they started working together, X-men and Spider-man had lot's of great games.

When you tell me a game from DC that is not based on a movie and is not about Batman I will not laugh about what you have to say!

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@UltraBiel, I don't recall mentioning MVC2, which was good(while the gameplay was broken and had loads of infinites, that's another story) but MVC2 was far better then MVC3. MVC3, was more or less a button masher the story wasn't great overall and I hate Capcom's greed with making 10 versions of the same game, instead of just using DLC like most games...

Anyway, concerning the Avengers point they put them in there because Marvel of late has been all about Avengers...the X-men movies people didn't like that much or were disappointed but notice Iron Man, Thor, etc people took way more interest in of late then you have the movie last year so they figured let's put in Avenger characters. A logical move but still, the story within the game was average at best. I'll even say X-Men Next Dimensions while the game was bad, the storyline was better overall then MVC3. It's not the same character list in DC games, you obviously never played DC Online? It has a LOAD of people not just Superman, Batman, WW etc. And what are you talking about? I can say the same thing int he first two MVC games like wolverine, storm, spiderman etc even MVC3 brought them back plus a few avengers(big whoop)

Marvel hasn't made an established game overall that can come anywhere close to Batman :AS or Batman: AC...the game is considered the best comic book game ever made thus far...for a reason. Task Force sucked, I have it. It's fun in a nostalgic way but more or less the Marvel Nemesis of DC games. MKDC didn't suck, the game itself was fun outside of a few issues(far less then MVC2 mind you) it wasn't as good as MK9 obviously...not even close but the storyline was at least well thought and they tried explaining it unlike MVC games where the story blows horribly...

Arcade games lol Marvel only had one from Konami, DC had that's a poor comparison. Overall video game history wise, DC kills Marvel. Task Force, Batman, Superman etc vs. Xmen and Spiderman games which weren't arcade games, they were console games. All those nobody remembers, but once the DC and Marvel lego games came out, and Ultimate Alliance, Nemesis, Hulk Games, Superman games, Batman games, Batman, Rocksteady games, DC Online, JL:Heroes and now's really no comparison. DC clearly had better games overall compared to Marvel in the gaming world. You want to say Marvel has better on film movies, for the time being? Sure...but not video games...

I will wager Injustice sells more then MVC3 did, especially since MK9 did and that's not even a comic game. Granted, MK is a big game in the gaming world but just proves Avengers aren't as big as people think. You have to remember, if not for the JL there would be no Avengers..

lol, you're talking about games based on movies? Uhh I have news for ya Marvel has also done it with







So yeah, I just killed your theory of "only DC makes games based off of movies" seriously if that's yoru best argument and you have no idea that Marvel has tried the same marketing gimmick after a movie then you're very ignorant. They ALL do it, most of the time it fails...despite DC or Marvel.

List of games based on either comics or movies...

P.S. talk to me once Marvel makes a half way decent game that is anywhere close to Batman AC, DC Online or even MK vs. DCU and soon Injustice...

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i would only want black mask or freeze. those three do not excite me at all