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Three Actresses Attached To A Danger Girl Movie?

One of the easiest-to-transition-from-comics-to-film properties is getting some new movement.

I can totally see this standing up next to the concessions stand.
I can totally see this standing up next to the concessions stand.

So Latino Review’s got the scoop that a DANGER GIRL movie’s getting put together with the attachment of no less than three lovely ladies - - Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale and MODERN FAMILY’s Sofia Vergara. It’s been a spell since the comic’s been out, but I figured an adaptation would get going sooner or later (unless you count Danger Girl Vs Army of Darkness). Years before Ultimate Nick Fury started looking suspiciously like Samuel L. Jackson, you had this comic that essentially starred Liz Hurley, Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton. If the “Bond girls getting the spotlight” angle wasn’t accessible enough, you'd imagine that having some real actors “appearing” in a comic would make it all-but-impossible for producers and execs to not be able to picture it as a movie.

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Either way, the breakaway title of Wildstorm’s long-dissolved Cliffhanger line is getting some new traction a new "elevator pitch" to go with that movement. It’s being described as KILL BILL meeting RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK by way of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE. Given the tongue-in-cheek tone and the fact that it stars a trio of butt-kicking babes, I’d figure that CHARLIE’S ANGELS would be a more useful title for comparison. But maybe that’s less en vogue now there's this new TV show coming out?

I'm sure we've got some DG diehards in this community. How does this new settle with you maniacs?