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This Week's Essential Comics: 12/19/12

An overwhelming amount of comics are being released this week and we're here to help you decide what's worth your money.

There's a ridiculous amount of comics coming out this week. Seriously, take a look at this ginormous list. Do you hear that? That was the sound of all our of wallets crying out in pain at once. This is going to be a pricey week for our hobby, but It makes sense since Marvel is only releasing two issues next week (AVENGING SPIDER-MAN & AMAZING SPIDER-MAN).  

Odds are you're in a situation similar to mine. There's a lot of comics you want to buy, but only so many you can actually afford. Well, we've got your back. Every Monday we'll let you know what the must read comics are and since this is such a huge week, we've selected 6. Are you picking these up or do you have other titles set in your sights?  


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This is the moment we've been waiting for. The classic X-Men go face to face with modern Cyclops. Will a younger Scott Summers be able to smack some common sense into his future self's head... or will things take an ugly turn?  
According to our early review , the encounter does not disappoint. 


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Marvel NOW!'s A-team is bi-monthly and the second issue's already here. Jonathan Hickman is writing, Jerome Opena is providing pencils and Dean White is on colors. Do I seriously need to say anything else to win you over?
If for some reason you still need convincing, take a peek at this preview and be sure to check out our early review
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This is without question Marvel's  best title at the moment. Hysterical, gorgeous, fun and frenetic, you should absolutely be reading this title by Matt Fraction . If you're not a Clint Barton  fan, this book will quickly change that. 
Feast your eyes on this preview illustrated by David Aja  and read our early review !
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Deemed the "best on-going currently on shelves" by our very own Inferiorego, SAGA's next chapter is here. According to the solicit, Alana's about to go head-to-head with the greatest challenge of them all: in-laws. Hopefully there's less monster balls this time around. 
Visit CBR for the rest of the preview.  
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This is an issue New Gods fans simply cannot miss. WONDER WOMAN #15 has the re-introduction of Orion, and he's sent to Earth by the Highfather to scoop out something that could potentially destroy the universe. As you can tell by the cover and the previous solicit, things won't be peaceful between him and Wonder Woman... at least not at first.    
Head over to USA Today for the rest of the preview. 
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Valiant, I think I'm in love with you. Not only is X-O MANOWAR disputably their best title, but it's now featuring a team-up between Aric and Ninjak. Seeing them at odds was fun, but watching them slay the Vine together? Oh boy, this is going to be a good time. 
Enjoy this extensive preview.   
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Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine & IGN Entertainment.  The Hawkeye preview gives him an urge to play the classic X-Men arcade game. Colossus' special for the win.