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This Week's Essential Comics: 01/16/13

You won't want to miss out on these brand new issues.

Having a limited budget can be a real pain. There's a bunch of new issues we want, but we can only afford so many of them. Well, we're here to help you and your wallet. We're not saying you need to read these comics, but we're pretty confident they're going to rock and definitely be worth your money.

This week we've hand picked 6 issues for you. And in case you're not a fan of some, we've also taken the time to select some honorable mentions, too. What are your "essential" comics this week?


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Valiant's hilarious team-up series by writer Fred Van Lente introduces a brand new Geomancer and continues with the awesomely epic Eternal Warrior. Plus, the One Percent are up to no good... again. If you're looking for a feel good adventure, this could very well be the title you've been seeking.

Feast your eyes on this extensive six page preview.

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It's Marty McFly meets the X-Men! Okay, maybe not, but writer Brian Michael Bendis' Marvel NOW! title focusing on time travel has been surprisingly good. Starting with this issue, artist David Marquez will take over for 3 issues. The interaction between future and past Iceman alone makes this worth a look.

Check out the vibe Marquez will bring to the title with the following preview.

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Do I really need to sell you on this one? DC has created a dream team for the Dark Knight: Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Snyder's dark mind and Capullo's twisted pencils have made 'Death of the Family' a must read for any bat-fan. What does Joker have waiting for Batman in Arkham Asylum? I can't wait to find out with this issue.

There's no preview, but did you really need one to persuade you anyway?


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Only one thing could be powerful enough to interrupt a battle between Superior Spider-Man and Daredevil. No, sir, it's not Galactus... it's Stilt-Man! Mark Waid's great run will debut a new and improved version of the classic foe that we love to laugh at. Remember when he took a RPG to the crotch? That was truly one of Marvel's greatest tragedies.

Enjoy the following preview. Daredevil already suspects Spider-Man is different... how long do you think "Ock" can keep up the ruse?

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You know how someone always asks, "What are some must read comics?" Well, anyone that reads this title will always immediately blurt out "SAGA!" Brian K. Vaughan (yes, the dude behind Y: THE LAST MAN ) has presented us with yet another brilliant and extraordinary world plucked straight from his mind. Now is the time to jump on this must read title.

Stroll on over to CBR for the rest of the preview.

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Say "hello" to The New 52's space heroes. This series spawns from GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS ANNUAL #1 and features Star Hawkins, The Star Rovers, Tom Tomorrow, Space Cabbie, Captain K'Rot and Star Ranger. Larfleeze is going to hog the spotlight with an ongoing set of backup stories, too!

Read G-Man's interview with writer Keith Giffen for more info on the book.

Honorable Mentions

  • BATMAN & ROBIN #16
  • HIGH WAYS #1
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Avatar image for chocobojam
Posted By chocobojam

Only All new x-men for me this week and i think that i like the art of Marquez more than Immonen.

Avatar image for johnnyjavavee
Posted By Johnnyjavavee

Maaaan you guys gotta stop putting up Saga Previews. WAY TOO TEMPTING!

Avatar image for lifeboy
Posted By lifeboy

With a quickness, Worlds Finest. May also look into Threshold.

Avatar image for grey56
Posted By Grey56

All New X-Men: When Marvel runs out of ideas they put this abortion on the market. If you're buying it understand you're supporting bad product in lieu of demanding quality stories with characters whose reality is grounded in cannon. Please do not attempt to justify this purchase with any superficial notion that is synonymous with 'because it's shiny'.

Avatar image for g_money_christmas
Posted By G_Money_Christmas

Just went to my LCS and got:

  • Daredevil #22
  • Batman #16
  • Superboy #16
  • All New X-Men #6
  • Captain America #3
  • New Avengers #1 and #2

I kept telling myself that I wasn't going to pick up New Avengers because I didn't want to add yet another to my pull list but T'Challa is just too awesome to pass up.

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