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This Week's Essential Comics: 11/25/13

These are the comics you're looking for.

Another week, another stack of new comics for us to dive right into. We've gazed over the list of this week's new releases and, as always, there's some very promising comic books heading our way this Wednesday. We've each selected a few that we're really excited to pick up and hopefully, when all is said and done, you'll want to give 'em a chance, too.

Are you buying any of the comics we've listed or does your list of essential comics for this week look a little different? Don't be shy, let us know below.

Some previews may be in reverse order.

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero

FF #14

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Do I really need to explain why this book is going to be crazy fun? The Allreds have been cranking up the good times and the suspense as the Future Foundation is gearing up to take on Doctor Doom. But wait, didn't Doom used to be part of the Future Foundation? This is Doom we're talking about. He does what he wants to do and, right now, what he wants isn't good for the FF.

This comic remains a great mix of fun and excitement along with that really dark feeling of gloom. Doctor Doom killed Scott Lang's daughter. Doom has no problem discarding more in pursuit of his goals. There may be a light hearted feel to the series but it's all about to get pretty serious.

And check out our Preview Theatre if you haven't already.


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This is another no-brainer. We're all missing Damian and this is the only way (aside from reading our older issues) to get a Damian story. Last issue we saw Damian deal with a major tragedy in the only way he knows how. Things started heating up and then we got a pretty crazy cliffhanger.

Andy Kubert has done a great job in setting up the next stage for Damian. We have plenty of action and questions to keep us glued to the pages. We may think we know how the story goes but it's looking like there definitely is more to it.


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My oh my. Rick Remender has done it again. Welcome to a brand new world full of new characters and some pretty insane action, all within the first page. There is a great mix of action as we catch up with what is going on. It has the feel of a grand adventure but with a more realistic and gritty feel (compared to your average sci-fi adventure comic). Remender doesn't hold back and there is clearly much much more to see.

Matteo Scalera's art and Dean White's colors are breath-taking. In case you can't tell, I've already read the issue. It's great. Look for an early review this week.

Honorable Mentions: NOVA #10, X-FILES SEASON 10 #6, ALL-NEW X-MEN #19, ALL-STAR WESTERN #25

Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring

SAGA #16

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The past couple of issues of SAGA have had stories involving two reporters: Upsher and Doff. I've said this many times, but writer Brian K Vaughan has been great at expanding on this universe he and artist Fiona Staples have created. These two reporters, whom are trying to uncover what actually happened between Alana and Marki, are an incredibly interesting aspect of this series. I'm not saying the book needed something new to make it awesome again, but a little something extra really started getting me super interesting in this series again.

The series is still awesome. Seriously. I know I sound like a broken record because I keep saying this, month after month, but honestly, it's a fantastic series worthy of your time. Amazing writing, characters, and story. Amazing art. What's not to love?


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CATACLYSM was awesome. The ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN tie in was awesome. The ULTIMATES tie in was awesome. As far as events go, Cataclysm is batting 1.000. While the finale of World War X was a let down, to say the least, I'm interested in the aftermath, much like how I was with ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN.

What really got me excited was the fact Josh Fialkov was writing this tie-in. I loved his run on ULTIMATES and he's got a clear understanding of the characters in the Ultimate universe and respect for them. I'm curious/excited/anxious to see how the coming of Galactus affects the X-Men and what they'll do to try and stop him.


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It's the end of an era. For the past two years, Geoff Johns has been doing a phenomenal job with reestablishing Aquaman as a not-lame superhero. Sure, there were a few times that the book got over-the-top with Aquaman proving he was tough, but overall, it was quite an amazing run.

With this last issue, Johns wraps up his Death of a King story line, and there's quite a bit to wrap up. Aquaman, as well as the reader, got a ton of info dropped on their heads in the last issue, and it seems this conclusion is going to be a huge one. If you've been interested in this series, I highly recommend picking up the trades (Volume 3 Throne of Atlantis recently came out). Johns run may not have been as long as his run on GREEN LANTERN, but what he did here for AQUAMAN was just as important.

Gregg 'k4tz' Katzman


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'City Fall' has been nothing short of incredible and now it's time to see how it'll all come to an end. Everything about this story has been absolutely top-notch. The characters have all been fleshed out and superbly written. The tension and drama has been building-up since the first chapter and now all of the pieces are finally facing-off. And, surprise, surprise, Mateus Santolouco's art has remained strong and animated this entire time.

How will the team save Leo? What will happen between Casey and his father, Hun? What's Karai's real motive? Will this turn of events leave Bebop and Rocksteady by Shredder's side? What'll occur between Shredder and Splinter? And, most important of all, how much awesomeness will we see from Slash? Needless to say, there's A LOT to look forward to in this finale chapter.

This will without question go down as one of the greatest TMNT stories, so do yourself a favor and check it out.


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Flash Thompson's series may be as dead as Uncle Ben, but the character definitely isn't. The latest Venom host is making his way into Dan Slott's SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and you can bet I'm anxious to read it. Why, you ask? Well, aside from my obvious love for the latest take on the symbiote, this will be the first time Flash is meeting with the "new" Spider-Man. As a man who has admired Spider-Man since school, will he now notice Spidey's not who he appears to be? Will the symbiote know the truth if (well, more like when) it slithers onto Spider-Man? If so, will it then return to Flash and flood his brain with this new info? It goes without saying that there's a whole lot of potential with this story and I'm pumped. Plus, who doesn't love a good Venom vs. Spider-Man story?

It's just too bad the latest GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY news apparently reveals he'll make it out of this okay.


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Kaine's book has been overflowing with action and it's been a real blast. Watching the former villain struggle with trying to become a good dude as he slugs assorted bad people (and even heroes) in the face has been massively entertaining. Now that the book's winding down, it's apparently going to cut back on the BAMS, POWS and THWACKS and instead focus on where Kaine's currently at.

How's he feeling after the violent course of events with the Kravinoff family? This will hopefully be an engrossing look into the character's mental state and set the course for his future at Marvel. We've had 23 issues to fall in love with the Clone Saga character all over again and now it's time to see how the weight of his actions will impact him.

It's a shame there's only two issues left. I'm gonna miss you, SCARLET SPIDER.


Corey 'Undeadpool' Schroeder


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Earth is no longer Green Lantern territory! Guy Gardner has fallen too far undercover! Charles Soule is out of control with his wild character development! Alessandro Vitti's art cannot be contained! EVERYTHING IS CRAZY FOREVER! The Red Lanterns' help didn't come without a price, and apparently Guy is ready to collect as the lanterns of vengeance take over Earth. Based on how this has gone with the likes of Spider-Man, Punisher, the Justice Lords and more that zero tolerance isn't going to go great for them. I can't wait to see Soule's next trek into the heart of vengeance.

Visit Ain't It Cool News for another preview page.


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This issue will be the last in what has been an amazing event. Jonathan Hickman's saga will likely, regardless of tie-ins, be judged by this issue and I'm confident that he can pull it off. Jim Cheung's returning to put the finishing touches on a saga he helped launch, and I'm interested to see how the difference in visual flair is treated, but either way it should be, as the kids say, a good 'un. Infinity has had great villains, a vast scope, and yet somehow also laser-like focus and absolutely stellar character moments. The villains really need to be emphasized because Hickman basically gave us two entirely new sets in the Builders and the Obsidian Cull, so we'll have to see what becomes of them.


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This is it. The boss level is complete. Dennis Hopeless dark, brutal tale comes to its conclusion. Some will live, some must die, Kev Walker will be drawing every vicious panel. Based on what's come before, and what I know comes after, this is one of my most hotly anticipated titles as I'm still not sure, with a couple of exceptions, who makes it out and who falls. All I know is, Hopeless BETTER not do anything to my precious Darkhawk!


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See above. Nah, I'm just kidding, can you imagine if I was like that? Infinity seems like it's going to be the climax making New Avengers the denouement. My favorite...tie-in? Side story? Part of the main plot? I still don't know how to describe it because Jonathan Hickman has done such an amazing job of weaving into Infinity while keeping it discretely its own title as well as balancing it being essential with adding to the main story. Mike Deodato's art has reached new levels in these pages, so I'm absolutely salivating to see how he wraps it all up.

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