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This Week's Essential Comics: 10/28/13

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For quite a few people out there, Mondays are a bit of a downer. However, here on our corner of the internet, it's a day worth celebrating because it can only mean one thing: preparing for glorious new comics! Every week, we here at Comic Vine will gaze upon the mighty list of new releases and we'll each pick the ones that we're really, really, reaaaaaally excited to check out.

As always, there's more than a handful of promising titles coming out, so once you're done seeing what we've selected, be sure to chime in with your own list of "essential comics."

*Due to technical difficulties, many of the previews are in reverse order.

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero's picks


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How long has it been since we last saw Damian? As annoying as he was when he first debuted, the little guy soon grew on us. For a ten-year-old, he was shaping up to be the best Robin. Despite his stubbornness, he was evolving as time went on.

We've seen the alternate future where he took on the mantle of the Bat. We've seen small bits on what happened in between Batman's passing and Damian taking over. With this series, we're going to get some major Damian action.

This may be a "future that may never be" but you never know when it comes to comics. Having Andy Kubert, Damian's co-creator, involved will definitely make this an interesting read.

Damian may be gone but he will not be forgotten!


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Sandman. Is. Back.

I remember when I first heard about this. It's almost a surreal feeling knowing we'll get a new Neil Gaiman SANDMAN story. Aside from the obvious fact that it is more SANDMAN, what blows me away is the fact that this is going way back and touching upon the very first scene in SANDMAN #1. How the heck did Morpheus get captured? Some fans might want to see a story going forward but the idea of going back and clarifying what happened before the series started is all I need to know in order to be on the edge of my seat until I get the comic in my hands.

Twenty-five years we've waited to find out.

Of course there's also the fact that J.H. Williams III is doing the interiors (with a cover by him and Dave McKean).

Excuse me while I get a napkin to take care of this drooling that has just started...


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Why haven't we had a NIGHTWING annual before now?

Taking place after NIGHTWING #24, we get to see the next stage in Dick Grayson's life (right before things get…crazy in FOREVER EVIL #1).

Dick and Barbara have always had a deep past but with the New 52, it's been a little unclear what the full extent of that past consists of. This is a way for us to catch up on these two after their current story lines, both of which have been turning points of sorts. What this means for these two remains to be seen. If we get the chance to see more on their past, I won't be complaining. This also will be one of the few remaining moments to read a NIGHTWING story before whatever comes after FOREVER EVIL.

Head to CBR for more preview pages.


Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring's picks

SAGA #15

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It's a no brainer. SAGA is hands-down one of the most intriguing and well crafted series on the market. Putting this on the essentials list is like telling you that cars get you somewhere faster than walking. It's a series that keeps getting better and better. It's constantly a fantastic read and constantly on the Top of the Pile list. The solicit for this issue is insanely weak, but if you've been reading, then you know Prince Robot IV is hot on the trail of our protagonists. Is this the issue where he catches up with them at Dr Heist's house? Maybe? Could it be? How's it all going to go down? If you've never read this series, pick up the first couple of trades. You won't be disappointed.


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Since issue #14 of ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN, the mutants have been waged in an all out war with the world around them. First, it was against the separatists in America. Next, it was against the American government. Now, it's the final battle against Jean Grey and Tian. Kitty Pryde has really stepped up as a great leader, even though technically she's no longer the leader of Utopia. This issue marks the final battle between her and Jean Grey. This won't be a lead up to CATACLYSM, but it will be the conclusion to one epic story that's been building for a year and a half. Writer Brian Wood has done absolute wonders with this series since taking over at issue 13. He's made this into one of Marvel's best (and most under-rated) series. Pick up the older issues and make sure to buy this issue on Wednesday!


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Since San Diego Comic Con, lots of fans of the Ultimate Universe, including myself, have been pretty worried about what's going to happen with the Ultimate Universe. At the same time, since Age of Ultron and Galactus' entrance into the Ultimate Universe, those same Ultimate Universe fans, again, including myself, have been super excited for CATACLYSM. Now, this isn't the actual first issue to this event. It will most likely be the bridge between the main book and HUNGER, which just finished up. I've been pretty excited about the creative team on this book as well. Josh Fialkov did a great job on THE ULTIMATES and had a very entertaining mini-series with HUNGER. Artist Mico Suayan did some stellar work a few years back on the end run of MOON KNIGHT. If you've ever enjoyed the Ultimate Universe, you're going to want to pick this issue up!

Gregg 'k4tz' Katzman's picks


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After so many teases, THE DUMB YET LOVABLE DUO IS FINALLY HERE! Now that the iconic characters are charging front and center in this reboot, this Micro-Series is going to tell us everything we'd want to know about them.

Before introducing the two to the madness that is 'City Fall,' Karai will utilize them for a "field test." Said field test is going to be full of crazy action and hilarity, that's for sure. There's been a long wait for these characters to appear in the stellar new series and thankfully for us, this issue looks like it was totally worth it and then some. ROCK AND ROLL!

Check out our exclusive preview for this issue!


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Can you hear that? No? Listen closely. Depending on where you are on the globe, it's possible you'll be able to hear me cheering like a fool for this upcoming issue. Kaine takes on Kraven the Hunter in a kill or be killed battle in the zoo. My favorite hero in the Spider family and my favorite Spider-Man villain in a brawl which is sure to be full of win? Yeah, I'm still cheering like a total goof over this one.

Not only am I thrilled for the upcoming battle, but I'm also anxious to see what'll happen with Kaine's supporting cast. I love them all, but let's be honest, the potential is high that someone could meet their end in this one. And if Kraven does indeed fall, what does that mean for his daughter, Ana? GIVE ME THIS ISSUE NOW!

TMNT #27

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ANOTHER new IDW TMNT issue? Hit me with a nunchuck because I must be dreaming. 'City Fall' has been nothing short of spectacular and now, the penultimate issue is upon us. How will everything develop as Shredder continues to wage war against other criminal organizations and what will happen now that Hun has taken control of the Purple Dragons? Will we see Donatello be awesome with his gravity gauntlet? How will Old Hob aid the Turtles now that he owes them? That's barely scratching the surface of all the questions I have about this one and I'm sure it'll hit us with plenty of stuff we weren't even expecting, too. Plus, more of Mateus Santolouco is always a good thing.

'City Fall' has without question been my must read event of 2013 and you simply can't miss it if you even remotely like the heroes in a half shell.

We have an exclusive preview for this issue!

Honorable Mention: KICK-ASS 3 #4

Jen 'MissJ' Aprahamian's picks


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I like pulp hero revivals. I like the Golden Age. I like Mark Waid. I'm going to go ahead and suspect that I'm also going to like THE FOX #1. Promising to place an ordinary fellow in some highly extraordinary situations (with proportionate reactions), THE FOX takes a streamlined, simple look at the un-superpowered superhero. It's a modern reimagining of a classic, but Dean Haspiel (who also plotted the book) isn't shorting us on clean, retro, noir styling. Sleek design overlaid with Waid dialogue makes this one an essential.


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It's Halloween week. I would be entirely remiss to exclude a Halloween special in my essentials, especially when it's one as charming and fun as only the ADVENTURE TIME gang can bring. Finn, Jake, Bubblegum, and the rest will star in spooky stories courtesy of Jen Bennett, Bryce Carlson, Ming Doyle, Jones Wiedle, Jay Hosler, Kevin Church, Frazer Irving, and Jen Vaughn, who will hopefully add a few more all-reader-friendly "oooooooo"s to Ooo!

Visit Comics Alliance for a look at the final preview page.

Honorable Mention: UNCANNY X-FORCE #13

Corey 'Undeadpool' Schroeder's picks


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Marvel's cosmic event continues under Jonathan Hickman's control and after not only the events of last issue, but the Avengers and New Avengers developments, I'm positively salivating for the next one. Jerome Opena returning on art is another reason to be hyped for this issue, I can't imagine what he'll move onto after this, but I imagine it'll be great. We're coming into the home stretch and endings are where a lot of superhero events fall apart, so we'll see if Hickman and crew can break from tradition, particularly with the Avengers finally returning to Earth to see what's become of it in the wake of Thanos' invasion.


FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA ON ART!!! Ahem...after last issue's startling revelations about Angela as well as Peter Quill, the stage is set not only for some amazing, Bendis-penned, cosmic action but some intriguing espionage as well. The Guardians have always been a catch-as-catch-can team, which is what makes them so fascinating for cosmic stories, they're not the typical mega-powers of galactic events. Francesco Francavilla will jump on artistic duties and I am excited to see how that turns out. I think I've done a good job keeping that fact low-key...


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It seems like a mega-eternity since the penultimate issue came out, and I couldn't be more thrilled to see how this all ties up and ends. From 616-Deadpool actually being involved, to recent storylines of his being front-and-center, Dennis Hopeless' bizarre what-if has truly come into its own as part of the greater Marvel U. Salva Espin's art has been a perfect match, kinetic, gory and absurd at all the right times, so there's no reason to believe this'll be anything but the ultimate Deadpool throwdown we've been anticipating since issue 1.

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