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This Week's Essential Comics: 07/29/13

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Hey Comic Viners, hope everyone had a good weekend. Now that it's Monday, that can mean only one thing: time to look at this week's list of new comics and pick our favorites. It's an especially big week for some indie character named Batman, but there's plenty of appealing non-Dark Knight related issues coming out this week as well. As always, let us know what your essential comics are, too.

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero's picks


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Because we can't get enough of Scott Snyder's Batman, this annual looks like it's going to give us even more to look forward to with Zero Year. We've been seeing a younger Bruce Wayne getting closer to fully becoming Batman and an annual will allow a longer story to to be told.

Snyder has created a different feeling in these early days of Batman's career and the chance to see more is something we can't refuse. The story with the Red Hood Gang is escalating but this will give us the opportunity to see a different moment from this period.

The annual also features the debut of Marguerite Bennett. This is likely to be a new writer we'll all want to keep an eye on.

Visit IGN for the rest of the preview.


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This is it. The end of Batman Incorporated. With this being Grant Morrison's final issue, there's no telling what he has planned for the Dark Knight. We can assume that Morrison has some big and possibly crazy ending that's been in motion for some time. It's unfortunate that this marks his final Batman issue for the time being but he's likely to end it all with a big bang.

Morrison has added a lot to Batman's world. Batman Incorporated was a strange concept but he made it work. There's been word that his plan was to do away with it all 'in the end,' so we'll have to see what fate awaits the notion of Batman Inc along with the characters involved.

Morrison has also unleashed several plot lines in his run. We've seen the fate of Damian but there is also the strong possibility of the return of another character from Batman's past.

The other thing to keep in mind is there will be a Batman Inc one-shot next month so who knows if this will fully be The End.

Check out the New York Post for the last preview page.


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Barry Allen and Hal Jordan. That's a winning combination right there.

To make it better, Brian Buccellato is going back in time a bit to show us the first meeting between the two heroes. In the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, when the New 52 started, we saw that these two characters had some sort of history with each other. It was a question left unanswered as there was no telling what past adventures between the two had or hadn't happened.

In the preview we see the two transported away and you have to admit the cover featuring Flash sporting the GL ring is intriguing. Throw in Sami Basri's art plus a backup by Nicole Dubuc (Young Justice animated series) and Cully Hamner, this shows annuals can be important if you're enjoying the regular series.

Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring's picks


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We're halfway through Trinity War, which is happening in all of the Justice League books, and it's been quite an awesome event, so far. Better yet, the couple of tie ins we've seen so far are awesome. It's very rare that the tie ins to the major event are just as good as the event itself.

The first issue of PANDORA was a ton of a fun and a great insight into who and what Pandora is. While most of the mystery behind the character was washed away, there's still so much more to know about her and who is behind Pandora being tricked into opening the box. The CONSTANTINE tie-in, with John stealing Shazam's powers, was pretty awesome, and from the looks of the solicit, she'll be taking on the Secret Society of Super-Villains. I have a feeling this will be a great tie in to Trinity War.

Check out MTV Geek for an exclusive preview.


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I feel like I shouldn't have to write anything here. I feel like mentioning Sean Murphy and Scott Snyder creating a Vertigo book should be more than enough to get you on board for this book. However, here's to the naysayers. First, Sean Murphy's art is very cool and hip. It has a great style to it. Also, he's worked on a couple of my favorite Vertigo books: JOE THE BARBARIAN and PUNK ROCK JESUS. Then, there's Scott Snyder who has written AMERICAN VAMPIRE and a little book you may not know called BATMAN.

The Wake has been a bit of a trip. I've really enjoyed it. It has this cool horror feel to it that's genuine, not forced. We don't get a lot of good horror comics now-a-days. They mostly just become gore books. I'm really enjoying the story and how it jumps out throughout time. I have high expectations for these creators and I am never let down.

Comics Alliance has two more pages.

Gregg 'k4tz' Katzman's picks


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Spoiler alert: I read this issue last week and it's AWESOME. Seriously, this is without question my favorite installment of 'City Fall' yet. It's just pure fun, delivering some ridiculously pleasing moments and taking some big steps with the plot as well.

As usual, Mateus Santolouco's art is stellar and super engrossing. The issue looks great and the written content is every bit as good. If you've been reading along, this should be an obvious pick up for you come Wednesday. And if you haven't been and you're a Turtles fan, then why the heck not? Do yourself a favor and read #22 and #23 today or tomorrow. You can thank me after you've read #24 this Wednesday. If you're even remotely a Turtles fan, you're going to dig it.

Go to Comicosity for the rest of the preview. Warning: this preview does reveal a big development with Casey Jones, so read it at your own risk!


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Lord Ogre still wants Venom dead and this means even more of Flash Thompson trying to hold his own against a sea of scumbags and villains. That alone has me stoked and putting Venom's identity at risk is just icing on the slimy symbiote cake. Month after month, VENOM delivers a great blend of action and superb visuals while attempting to put Venom's life in a whole new direction. It's fantastic stuff and if you're a fan of the symbiote, you should totally be reading this.

This issue once again has Kim Jacinto on art and Kim's style is absurdly fitting when it comes to the action -- and based on the preview, there's going to be a whole lot of that. Out of the symbiote, the illustrations may be a bit too rough for some, but I really love it and think it's a solid fit.


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Batman, did you really think you could spy on Superman and get away with it?

The last chapter of the weekly digital series hit us with a massive development: Superman revealed Batman's secret identity to the world... and he did it through social media (it makes sense in context, I swear)! The hilarious twist has me itching to see what'll happen next. We've seen the two confront one another before, but this should bring the tension to a completely new level.

What does this mean for Batman's allies? Could we see an infamous moment with Green Arrow? What will Superman do to follow-up this drastic move? How will Batman utilize his most powerful ally, Martian Manhunter? I have so many questions and, considering the book's history, I'm confident it'll deliver this Tuesday. Consider me excited.

Honorable Mention: INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #11

Jen 'MissJ' Aprahamian's picks


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Who needs a love triangle when you can have a Love Pentagram? Betsy Braddock sure doesn't. Sam Humphries has been taking us on a wild trip with his run on UNCANNY X-FORCE, and I'm sure we'll see yet another turn of the screw in the Psylocke-Fantomex-Cluster-etc ordeal. The sneak peek of Betsy's conversation with Fantomex looks like a calculated warm-up for what promises to be a heated issue.


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Science is cool. Trippy alt-agency books are cool. I'm pretty sure the other side of that equation reads "COLLIDER is cool," because it looks like there's a wild, mysterious, physics-y tale just behind that bold, pink cover. Vertigo has been putting out some pretty rad stuff lately, and I can't wait to meet Special Agent Adam Hardy and the rest of the COLLIDER crew.


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Last issue ended with shattered glass and what looked like a pretty serious sacrifice. Things keep getting curiouser and curiouser in MORNING GLORIES, and each issue is just one step closer to unlocking the grand puzzle that Spencer and Eisma have crafted. With Casey and Hunter closing in on the giant cylinder, and Irina rallying the troops, we can forget about a slow simmer -- Season Two is already at a rolling boil.

Corey 'Undeadpool' Schroeder's picks

X-MEN #3

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Even without knowing exactly who John Sublime is, I've been captivated by this book since issue 1. It's got a great team roster (and despite the solicitations and even fan reaction making much of the team being all women, the actual book never once mentions nor spotlights this fact) and Brian Wood's writing establishes a tone that mixes the fantastical with the grounded and tells a very compelling story in a very short amount of time. Add to that the art of Olivier Coipel (I don't think anyone else in the industry gets to draw babies anymore. Coipel has to come in and draw them in any panel they appear, this is my proclamation!) who matches Wood's tone and tenor with cartoonish, but never goofy, action and design and this book is one of my most anticipated. It's even a little nice having the villains established early, but still someone I haven't heard of because it keeps things fresh and exciting as I have no idea what they're capable of or what motivates them.

Newsarama has an exclusive preview.


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Last issue ended with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger alongside one of the most stark and surprising characterizations ever in a comic book. I don't believe I've ever seen a writer show the bully's perspective as earnestly and frankly as Waid has without also throwing in something like horrific abuse at the hands of a parent or family member. The fact is: lil' Matty was insufferably elitist as a child and that drew the ire of certain kids who perceived it as him holding himself above them, particularly as he never "stooped" to play with them. It was a big risk in a medium that is, unfortunately, mostly enjoyed by those on the receiving end of bullying, but by doing more than simply making him fully repentant, but also not fully justifying it, Waid has created a character I truly hope we get to see more of. Javier Rodriguez retains his place in the book's frequently shifting (but never tone nor quality interrupting) artists, I hope to see it resume mere seconds after last issue left us hanging.

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