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This Week's Essential Comics: 04/03/13

Not 100% sure what to buy this week? We have a few recommendations!

BRACE YOUR WALLETS, NEW COMIC BOOK DAY IS COMING! Most of us don't have the cash to buy every single new issue that catches our eyes, so that can make narrowing down your pull list pretty darn tough come Wednesday. That said, we think we're going to love the following issues and hopefully they'll live up to our praise.


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I'm sure this one comes as a double-edged sword for most of you. It's a brand new start for the Man of Steel and writer Andy Diggle is kicking off the story. That's exciting stuff, but at the same rate, many are sad to see Grant Morrison go, and even worse, Diggle has announced he's leaving after this issue! Hopefully it's a great start and Tony S. Daniel will pick up with #20.

Get a look at the first five pages below.

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Last issue's twist is exactly what this event from writer Brian Michael Bendis needed -- and if you claim you saw it coming, you're a terrible liar or a time traveler. Despite drawing strong connections to Apocalypse's bleak future, the event is still a nice change of pace from the usual events Marvel has thrown our way over the past few years and that's certainly something we welcome with open arms. Now if they could just give our wallets a nice change of pace, too (so many $3.99 titles!).

Sorry, but there's no preview.


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In a publisher heavily populated by Batman and Superman family titles (oh shush, I of course love DC), it's nice to have some brilliant titles which have little to nothing to do with the universe's A-listers. Picking up after the events of Rot World, Jeff Lemire's latest chapter is the start of a whole new story as Buddy Baker deals with the devastating loss of his son.

Check out UPROXX for the rest of the preview.

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What's better than Valiant's BLOODSHOT and HARBINGER? Throwing the chaos of both their titles into one book, of course! Joshua Dysart and Duane Swierczynski are joining forces to produce the publisher's first crossover event and I am absolutely thrilled for it. With art by Clayton Henry, the biggest players in these respective worlds are about to face off and we're sure to see a lot of dark secrets come to light. Prepare for madness.

CBR has the rest of the preview.

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With Thanos getting a popularity bump in The Avengers and clearly set to appear in Marvel Studios' future films, it's no surprise the House of Ideas is going to bring him front and center in the panels. Illustrated by Simone Bianchi and written by Jason Aaron (if you're not reading THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, rectify that mistake at once), this comic promises to dive into the villain's earlier years and shine a whole new spotlight on his origin. This seems like mandatory reading for anyone remotely interested in the character or fans of the movies -- and honestly, who isn't?

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Honorable Mentions

  • ALL-NEW X-MEN #10
  • VENOM #33

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Edited By CTG
  • Action Comics
  • Batwing
  • Thanos Rising
  • Age of Ultron
  • Deadpool
  • Superior Spider-Man
  • All-New X-Men
  • Ultimate Comics X-Men
  • Winter Soldier
  • Age of Apocalypse

Don't know too much about Valiant, but I've been hearing about this Harbinger Wars event for months now, so I may check that out too.

Avatar image for billy_batson
Posted By Billy Batson

Ugh I need to catch up on my Valiant. I got pretty deep into all of the books, but then just forgot to pick them all up. I'm not really sure what the release dates are for the books and I don't really care to look.

I probably won't get caught up until I'm in the mood. With trades. By the way, are there trades out for the Valiant books yet?

Sad that I won't be reading Harbinger Wars with everyone though.

Yeah, every book has gotten a trade except Shadowman, it being the newest.

@edreed said:
@dud317 said:

Why is Action on here? Poor Tony has been set up to fail. He's telling someone else's story, that hasn't been completed. If Tonys going to tell a story, at least let him tell his own and throw this on the cutting room floor. It's sad that DC would endorse a story that was never fully realized. This issue is at the top of my cancellations this week.

I have wondered since the announcement that Andy Diggle was leaving Action Comics if the reason was because he said in a recent interview that he created an all new villian because Superman had an "uninspiring rouges gallery". I frankly don't know what he meant by that and (as much as I loved The Losers) if he didn't respect the source material, he was the wrong guy to write Action anyway.

Nothing wrong with creating new characters. He was just trying to develop his rogues gallery even more. IIRC he was going to use Lex as well.


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Posted By Battle_Forum_Junkie

Going to have to start picking up Thanos Rising. It looks awesome.

Avatar image for thecommissar
Posted By TheCommissar


Harbinger Wars

Winter Soldier

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Posted By jwalser3
  • Green Arrow
  • Harbinger Wars
  • SwampThing
  • Animal Man

I need to pick up #3 of AoU and thinking of picking up the new Thanos.

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Posted By Suprman

Looks like I'm getting Animal Man, Green Arrow, All-New X-Men, Winter Soldier and Action Comics.

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Posted By yo_yo_fun

Action Comics #19 looks great but what's happening with the book is very disappointing. What if this issue is great but the next one written by Tony Daniel isn't. The art is beautiful though.

I'm thinking of dropping the book and waiting for the trade. I'm not sure though...

Hopefully Superman Unchained and Batman/ Superman will be great.

I like the Marvel movies but not so much to pick up another $3.99 book. No thanks.

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Posted By SavageDragon

@queso6p4: Yeah all the first trades are out except for Shadowman. The second trades are comming out soon at the end of April and early June.

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Posted By fartvader

Action Comics, Deadpool and Thanos Rising for me this week

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Edited By JakeN7


  • Batwing #19
  • Batman: Detective Comics #19
  • Green Arrow #19
  • Green Lantern #19


  • Age of Ultron #4
  • All New X-Men #10
  • Indestructible Hulk #6
  • Superior Spider-Man #7


  • Harbinger Wars #1
  • Shadowman #6
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Posted By The Mast

I'm dropping Deadpool. Having been reading him since the pre-Way days (Way was trash, entirely. He trashed the character and made him a joke), I have no patience for this joke series..

Avatar image for jairamganpat
Posted By JairamGanpat

@the_mast said:

I'm dropping Deadpool. Having been reading him since the pre-Way days (Way was trash, entirely. He trashed the character and made him a joke), I have no patience for this joke series..

You're doing the right thing.

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Posted By sinestro_GL

Green Lantern!!!

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Edited By G_Money_Christmas
  • Thanos Rising
  • Action Comics
  • All New X-Men
  • Winter Soldier

Action comics looks awesome. Defo getting that.

Earth 2 is already on my pull list anyway as well as Detective comics. I do prefer Detective comics over batman comics to be honest.

Detective Comics this week is $8 though. Otherwise I'd be picking it up myself. I'll wait a couple weeks.

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Getting so many this week, but yeah the Action Comics #19 is at the top of the list.

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