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This New Character in Batman #1 Could Have a Big Future Role

Did you catch this other new character in the first issue of Batman?

DC's 'The New 52' Batman #1 was released yesterday. The issue earned a five-star review as well an analysis of what was new and what has changed in the 'New 52.' With Scott Snyder writing, it's clear we're in for some big surprises. If we've learned anything from his run on Detective Comics (besides he's a great writer), it's that there are always hidden elements in this stories. When reading the first issue, one page (group of panels struck me as peculiar).

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As Bruce Wayne was giving his speech at a gala, we saw some familiar facies. I recognized Commissioner Gordon (with his new red hair), the new mayoral candidate Lincoln March, Leslie Thompkins and then back to Bruce. These were all major characters. So who the heck was that girl/woman? I thought at first, could that be Selina Kyle? It couldn't be since she has long hair and short hair in Catwoman #1.

Rather than try to go through all the other female characters in the Bat-universe, I decided to ask Scott Snyder himself.

Snyder replied:

You'll have to wait and see, but I will say this, she is in a sequence of important characters, so… :-)

If that's not a tease, I don't know what is. Could this be a major new character or just a new neighbor hanging around Bruce's neighborhood. Buy your issues of Batman #1 now just in case this turns out to be someone later. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into things.