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This Just In: New Development for Tim Drake [Spoiler]

The fact that he was always called 'Red Robin' is nothing compared to this.

The New 52 has been showing us that many characters are not safe from change. That's kind of the point in doing it. We've been seeing little changes and updates for the past year. At San Diego Comic-Con, TEEN TITANS writer Scott Lobdell mentioned that Tim Drake never went by the name Robin but went straight to Red Robin. It looks like that's a small change in comparison to what we can expect in this week's issue #0.

Normally we don't post spoilers before you get a chance to pick up a comic for yourself. This image was emailed and this has also been spoiled online. This is your last chance to look away.

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Tim Drake's parents are still alive. They're in the witness protection program. Here we thought the Batman continuity remained pretty much untouched.

As for other developments from this issue, there's bound to be more. We'll do one of those in depth looks tomorrow to give everyone a chance to read the comic themselves. TEEN TITANS #0 is on sale today. Let's see what else has changed.