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This Hulkbuster Costume is One of the Coolest Costumes Yet

Costing over $60,000, this may be the most intricate Hulkbuster costume we've ever seen.

Want to dress up as Hulkbuster Iron Man as Halloween? Do you have $60k sitting around? This costume may be right up your alley then. Morph Costumes revealed this video showing off creator Tom DePetrillo's newest costume, which weighs in at 38kg and stands 2.9 meters all. Check out the video of the costume in action.

It took DePetrillo over 1600 hours to put together this costume, made of an aluminium skeleton and a polycarbonate EVA foam and styrene plastic shell. The costume is powered by 58 AA batteries to power the 915 LED lights, built-in lasers, and foot mounted sound effects.

DePetrillo, a Rhode Island native, has been designing extreme costumes for 20 years and is completely self-taught. Take a look at the costume in all its glory.

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