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The Walking Dead Recap & Comic Comparison: Season 2, Episode 6 "Secrets"

Our recap of the sixth episode of The Walking Dead, season two. Warning: There are major spoilers in this recap!

Did you catch this week's episode of 'The Walking Dead'? The sixth episode, "Secrets" did have some of those. The main thing is last week we finally got confirmation on the barn, just as in the comic. Rick and the survivors have been staying at Hershel's farm while Carl recovered from accidentally getting shot. Sophia is missing. Glen and Maggie secretly hooked up. And Lori found out she was pregnant. See our recap from last week if you missed out.

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As it is stated every week, this recap is filled with MAJOR SPOILERS, and they will not be blocked out, so you all have been warned.

== TEASER ==

The Barn

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Carl, apparently well again, is feeding the chicken with his mom, Lori. When it's noticed that a mother chicken is missing, Carl makes a note how it probably was eaten and everything is food for something. He was right as Patricia takes a chicken into the shed, breaks its legs, and takes it to the barn. She's feeding the walkers.

Glenn stares at the barn through some binoculars. Maggie says he's making it obvious and he has to keep it a secret. Maggie tries bribing/convincing Glen to keep the secret. He doesn't understand why they're keeping Walkers in the barn but Maggie insists it's best if the others don't find out.

At the farm, Dale finds Hershel with Nelly, the horse that bucked off Daryl in the woods, and the horse found her way back. Dale says he heard moaning the barn and knows about the Walkers. Hershel considers the Walkers people. Hershel's wife and step-son are in the barn. Hershel wants Dale to keep it to himself.

The Pregnancy

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Glenn asks if Lori has told Rick about the pregnancy yet, she obviously hasn't. He knows that she needs things like vitamins and a comfortable pillow but she keeps tight lipped over it all. Glenn tries to give her food because she's too skinny but she won't take it. Glenn says he'll go into town to get her supplies.

Later Glen is caught in a lie with Dale and tells him about the pregnancy. He later talks to Lori to try to help. She tells Dale that she hasn't told Rick yet and Dale asks if it's because of Shane. Lori is shocked and asked if it was obvious they were together. Dale said it wasn't and he was never really sure.

Carl Wants to Shoot

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Carl asks Shane to help him shoot. He makes it clear that it's up to his parents. Carl asks if he'll talk to them since they'd listen to him. Shane sees that Carl has a gun. It turns out he took it from the RV and Lori is mad that he took it and that he lied about why he needed to go inside.

Shane says he'd be happy teaching him to shoot. Rick thinks it's a good idea because he'll be protected. Carl wants to step up and protect the camp and be a part of the group. Rick makes the point that it's good he wants to learn to use a gun rather than be afraid of them. Rick also points out that Shane is a great instructor and has taught kids younger than Carl. Lori lets Shane teach him, but is very weary about it.

At the lessons, Carl does a good job. Andrea also appears to have improved her shooting skills and Shane takes her lessons to a knew level.

This is different from the comics as Rick was the one to give Carl shooting lessons and they started well before ever going to Hershel's farm.

Another Trip Into Town

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Glenn apologizes for telling Dale about Lori. Lori asks to make a run into town for her, and he will. Maggie and Glenn get on some horses and ride off. Maggie won't talk to him. She finally opens up and says she's mad because Glenn betrayed her trust. Maggie hates the term "walkers." She still calls them by their names. Maggie goes in back and grabs things for Glenn at the pharmacy. A walker grabs Maggie's arm. Glenn runs over with a shelf and half chops it's head off, it gets back up and Glenn uses a machete to end it.

This makes Maggie take a new look on things including what she feels about Glen and the others.

Shane and Andrea

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Andrea and Shane do some advanced shooting. Walkers don't stay still and neither should the target. Shane gets intense and says "thats the walker that got Amy, shoot him!" Andrea stares at him, offended, and walks away. Shane apologizes for bringing up Amy and wants her to back him up while searching for Sophia.

Shane and Andrea continue their search in a residential area. Shane finds a pile of dead bodies and the two find a burned down room with skeletons in the garage. Walkers come from outside and they'll soon be overrun with them. They run towards the car a shoot walkers down. Andrea is having trouble putting them down and reloading. She finally gets a kill, and after that it's easy for her. They make it back to the car, but instead of getting in, Andrea shoots another one.

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As they are driving away. Andrea puts her hand on Shane's crotch. Shane pulls over and they apparently get it on. Obviously this is something that never happened in the comics.

When they return, Dale tries encouraging Shane to leave. Dale keeps pushing Shane more and more. "I know what kind of man you are."

Dale also brings up the fact that Shane pulled a gun on Rick. Shane's reply is he loves Rick like a brother and if he thinks he would shoot someone he considers to be his brother, imagine what he'd do to "some guy" he doesn't even like when he starts throwing accusations his way.

Which Pills Will Lori Take?

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Lori is still trying to decide what to do about being pregnant. She has both "abortion pills" from Glen and Maggie's trip into town. She also has some prenatal vitamins Glen later gives her. Lori takes a buttload of pills. Then she runs away and pukes them all up.

Rick finds the empty medicine containers in the tent. He walks to the field that Lori is in. He confronts her. Lori confesses she's pregnant and that she threw up the pills. He's pissed that Glenn knew before he did. He wants to understand why he didn't know. He asks if there is anything else he should know about. Lori just says "Shane and I." Rick understands because Lori thought Rick was dead and that the world was turned upside down.

There's a lot of crazy things going on and you can imagine that things are going to heat up even more in the next episode now that some of the secrets have come out.