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The Walking Dead Episode 3.10 'Home' Review

The Dixon brothers go off on their own adventure and crazy Rick wanders the woods. Meanwhile, The Governor decides how to respond to the attack on Woodbury.


Holy headshot, Batman! 'Home' dragged a bit with some of the character interactions early on, but sweet mother of Carl, the episode had one helluva final act.

I might be alone here, but I'm pleased the Dixon brothers are already back at the prison. Watching them initially wander around the woods and casually banter really wasn't all that engaging and to be honest was a bit of a bore. But once Daryl heard screams, their relationship went full speed ahead. Obviously seeing Daryl headshot and knife walkers is always a blast, but the real highlight between the two was the argument that followed immediately afterwards. Michael Rooker has done a great job making Merle a character you love to hate, but he did a brilliant job showing some real emotion as he essentially pleaded for his brother to stay with him. It'll be a rough road ahead for the racist killer, but I have a feeling he'll soon turn over a new leaf.. or at least die trying. And there's no way I'm the only one who cheered when they showed up in the end. We knew they'd likely return to save the day, but it was still a moment worth celebrating, especially with the shot of that bloody arrow being so close to Rick's face.

Carol's luck with men just can't catch a break. She endured an abusive husband, T-Dog died protecting her (or at least attempting to), then Daryl left her. Now, just as Axel is starting to become charming (instead of totally creepy)... BAM! I know it makes me a terrible person, but I was so happy we were hit with the abrupt moment, even if it meant removing a potentially lovable cast member and dealing Carol another emotional blow. She's developed a good deal over the course of the show, but having her use her new friend's body as a shield must be scarring -- particularly if his flirting was working.

The scene between Glenn and Maggie was great and truly helped us understand why he's more on edge. He now feel like he's responsible for the group, and to top it off, he feels as though he failed to protect the person closest to him. She had every right to lash out at him, though. She was violated and humilated by the enemy and he felt as though he needed to know if she was actually raped. I understand his concern, but it was selfish to force an answer from her, especially with all of the other chaos going on. That said, I thought not showing walkers in the prison detracted from the sense of danger in the earlier segments. Although, after watching the full episode, it's clear they dedicated their resources to the bridge battle and final act. I love Glenn, but he's clearly suffering from all of this pressure and I fear how he'll respond in the next episode.

The Dixon Brothers star in 'Pissin' an Spittin' in the Woods.'
The Dixon Brothers star in 'Pissin' an Spittin' in the Woods.'

The assault on the prison was thrilling and the Governor's diabolical smirk as the van sped by was so powerful. However, I can't help but be a bit annoyed with the terrible accuracy from all the parties involved. What happened to their training? Remember after that long winter they were insanely accurate and badass? Now they couldn't hit two dudes who didn't even bother to take cover. I get being under fire is different than facing a swarm of the undead, but they've absolutely proven they can cope well under pressure by now.

The real interesting debate for me is about Glenn's plans. He was literally between a rock and a hard place there. Michonne has proven the Governor is a sick man that's sure to seek revenge (oh hey, she spoke!), so going on the assault could save the prison... but at the same rate, it puts the attack team at risk and leaves the prison more vulnerable. On the other hand, just sitting around and trying to defend gives their enemy the advantage of first strike -- and as we saw, he took full advantage of that.

Andrew Lincoln is definitely selling these "crazy Rick" scenes. Without a performance that solid, it would definitely feel drawn out and too repetitive. Thankfully, Lincoln has been killing it and makes it so easy to empathize with him. The score during the opening scene complimented the moment incredibly well, too.

With an insanely exciting conclusion, 'Home' has me pumped for next week's episode. Will Rick step up to face the challenge... or will Glenn have to take charge yet again? Additionally, team Prison now has the Dixon brothers back on their side and that's sure to keep things intriguing. Under normal circumstances they'd show Merle the door, but with war literally crashing through their front door, they need all of the soldiers they can get. As for Andrea, I sincerely hope she opens her eyes sooner rather than later.