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The Walking Dead: 4 Developments from Season 7, Episode 3 [SPOILERS]

Daryl becomes a prisoner to Negan in The Saviors in the episode titled "The Cell."

After the shocking conclusion of the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, Negan and The Saviors took Daryl Dixon prisoner. This week, viewers found out exactly what happened to him in the coming days and weeks. However, there was more than torture in this episode as we learned a bit more about Dwight, the man with half his face covered in scars.

While last week's episode, featuring the boisterous and unusual King Ezekiel, had a lighter tone and a feeling of hope, Episode 3 took viewers right back to a world that feels hopeless and bleak. It was a very grounding moment for fans, who were still dealing with the huge death two episodes prior. However, this episode delivered a lot in ways of developments for the overall season.

Warning: Spoilers for the third episode of The Walking Dead ahead.

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The Saviors Stronghold is Locked Up Tight

Daryl has been locked up in The Saviors stronghold, and this isn't the one Alexandria assaulted in Season 6. While we don't see much about this new location, we do see that The Saviors have this placed guarded pretty well. There are fences and high walls all over the place, and there's even walkers inside the camp, to keep people away. In addition, there are holding cells inside the base.

When we look towards the end of this season, it seems that taking The Saviors down on their own turf will be incredibly difficult. We don't see a lot of what their entire base looks like, but what is shown makes it seem like this grouping of The Saviors has their act together a whole lot better than the group Rick and company took down last season.

Daryl is Being Tortured

Daryl is living on easy street, and it feels so sweet, just like the lyrics to the song we kept hearing throughout the episode. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from Daryl hearing that song on what seems to be a loop, it's apparent from the beginning that The Saviors are trying to break him mentally. Daryl is locked in a dark room, fed dog food, and not allowed to wear clothes. Dwight is the person in charge of him, and the whole point of this is to have Daryl break and work for Negan.

Negan and Dwight are doing everything they can to get Daryl to join, but it is just not happening. Towards the end of the episode, there is a brief moment where we think Daryl will break, but he doesn't. Maybe this torture is starting to work.

Dwight's Scars Explained

Dwight and Daryl have a bit of a history between them. During Season 6, Dwight was on the run from The Saviors and thought Daryl was one of them, tasked with taking Dwight, Sherry (Dwight's wife), and Tina (Dwight's sister-in-law) with him. At this time, Dwight had no scars on his face.

In present day, we learn that Dwight and his wife Sherry returned to Negan, and to save Dwight's life, Sherry married Negan. That's not all though. Negan felt a need to punish Dwight further and took a hot iron to Dwight's face, giving him the scars we see now.

Dwight has been through hell and back during his journey, which included seeing the death of his sister-in-law and Negan stealing his wife. Because of everything that's happened to him and that he's so close to Negan, Dwight is in with The Saviors deep, and he could be looking for a way out.

Dwight Could Be a Powerful Ally

Dwight may seem like he's Negan's right-hand man, but how can a man who had everything taken from him remain loyal? Throughout the episode, Dwight is in charge of breaking Daryl. However, it's apparent that he isn't always as keen as some of the other men when it comes to Negan's methods. Alongside of that, Negan flaunts in Dwight's face that Sherry is his wife now.

When it comes to Negan and The Saviors, Dwight may be Daryl's best chance to getting out alive. Dwight cares about his wife's safety above everything else, and there is some good left in him, even though he's still doing things like shooting acquaintances in the back that try to leave The Saviors. Dwight and Daryl are two incredibly similar characters, working with two very different leaders. The two joining forces to stop Negan is key to taking down The Saviors.

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Three episodes into Season 7 of The Walking Dead, we've seen three very different tones and perspectives. This episode put viewers behind enemy lines to give viewers an idea of what the day-to-day operations are like for The Saviors. We learned their process for breaking in people they've captured as well.

While the majority of the episode was character development for Dwight, we learned a bit more about Negan as well. To make him seem even more deplorable, he has his own harem of women. We're guessing than more than a few of them are under his "care" because of wrongs committed within the group.

"The Cell" did a lot for developing Dwight, Negan, and even Daryl more, but it was a bit slow. While this season opened up with a bang, it quickly slowed to a crawl for the past two episodes. Like most seasons, it feels like we're in the calm before the storm, and the long-term payoff should be great. This week may have felt a tad dull, comparatively, but there is a lot of seeds planted here that we need to keep our eye on for future episodes.