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The Walking Dead 2.13: "Beside the Dying Fire"

Season 2 wraps up with plenty of blood, guts and gore as Hershel's farm burns.

We've seen the death of Dale. The death of Shane. And now we're finally at the action-packed season 2 finale, "Beside the Dying Fire," or as I like to call it "farmaggedon." So let's not waste any time and dive into the episode's best moments.

As always, you should prepare for spoilers!

Meanwhile, back in Hotlanta...

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The show opener reveals how the zombie herd reached Hershel's farm at the conclusion of last week's episode (they started back in Atlanta!). These zombies definitely have ambition and drive. Did you not see how they pushed right through that fence? Sheer willpower!

== TEASER ==

They do move in herds!

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Rick and Carl weave through the zombie herds in a scene that reminded me a lot of the gallimimus scene from Jurassic Park. Come on, you thought it too! This leads Rick and Carl into the barn for protection, also leaving them trapped in the process.

Zombie barbecue

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Rick and Carl use some team tactics to barbecue a few zombies in the barn. They should have totally done a jumping high-five to celebrate their accomplishment.

Holding down the fort!

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The survivors of the farm set out to take the farm back using their surplus of guns and vehicles to snuff out as many undead as possible. Hershel made it clear he didn't have a problem going out in a blaze of glory on his own land. Man, Hershel is totally B-A.

Hershel holds the line…

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… Like a boss. Then right as Hershel is about to get taken out by a sneaky zombie from behind, he gets a little help from his friend, Rick, who puts a bullet in the zombies head.

Farewell farm

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The remaining survivors have left the farm behind. As Rick tells Hershel, "it's not his farm anymore." However, the group forgot a certain lady with a knack for handgun use…

Glenn plays boyfriend

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Glenn drops the "L Bomb" to Maggie to get her to calm down after the farm massacre. Smooth moves, Glenn!

On the highway to Hell

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Rick, Carl and Hershel arrive that the rendezvous point, which is the same highway location where the group lost Sophia early in the second season. Eventually Daryl and Carol arrive, as well as T-Dog, Patricia, Lori, Glenn and Maggie. It's a bittersweet reunion to say the least.

Andrea, you're alive!

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Left all alone, Andrea takes to the woods with a sack of goods and ammo to take on the zombie apocalypse by herself. And you know what, she's pretty good at it.

The mystery whisper revealed!

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We finally know what Dr. Jenner whispered into Rick's ear when they were leaving the CDC at the end of first season. Rick's known all along that everyone carries the viral strain that turns you into a zombie when dead. Rick just lost some street fred as the group's leader for keeping this from everyone.

Following that bombshell, Rick revealed to Lori that he killed Shane in self defense. He also lays out his motivations for why he did so and that he actually wanted Shane dead by that point. Oh, Rick drives the message home by telling Lori that Carl was the one who took Shane out for good.

Understandably, Lori doesn't take all this news too well. However, I fail to see why she's so angry at Rick for what happened in regards to Shane's death. It was either him or Rick. You would think Lori would be obviously flustered, but side with Rick on this one when push comes to shove.

I know that katana!

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Everyone, say hell to Michonne -- a badass drifter with a katana and an entourage of zombies. She's one of the comic's best characters, so to see her make her debut in the AMC version of The Walking Dead is a definite treat for longtime Walking Dead fans.

Nazi Rick

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Rick confesses to killing his best friend for a bunch of strangers and then declares himself the tyrant of the group. As Rick puts it, "this is no longer a democracy." Hot. Damn.

The prison!

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The last shot is definitely a money shot for fans of the comic book source material. It looks like the third season will definitely be set within the walls of the infamous prison. The Governor can't be too far behind!

Final words

And that wraps up season 2 of The Walking Dead. We got some big deaths and a few cool teases for season 3. Overall, season 2 has been hit and miss in this writer's humble opinion. There were some great moments but they were peppered throughout pounds and pounds of filler. With that said, however, I am excited to see Michonne in season 3. So while this season didn't blow me away, consider me a lock for next season to at least see some more katana action.

As one finale note: how the hell is T-Dog still alive?!

What did you guys and gals think of the season 2 finale for The Walking Dead? Sound off in the comments below!