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The Punisher Makes His Appearance In The Latest "THIS IS WAR" Teaser

We get a closer look at what Marvel's next story will be about.

Every day this week we've seen previews of Marvel's upcoming story arc that will be starting this October. We've had the chance to see everything from Iron Man being shot, to a bloody Captain America shield, and Thor's cracked Mjolnir. The caption has remained the same: "this is war." The question is, war with whom? Could it be an extension of the AVENGERS VS. X-MEN story? Is it the previously teased Ultron war?

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The latest preview gives us a tiny bit more insight into what the story is going to be about. At the center of the latest preview image is the silhouette of a gun-toting Punisher; and surrounding him are the previously released preview pictures of Cap's shield, Thor's hammer and more. Could the Punisher be behind this "war"? What do you think?