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The Outrageous "Draw Comic Vine's Staff" Championship

Draw pictures and win some insanely sexy, high-end Gnomon Workshop instructional DVDs!


We know we’ve got some truly tremendous talents in the Comic Vine community and, now that the world-famous Gnomon Workshop has generously supplied us with copies of their high-end instructional DVDs, we figured it was best to invite you all into a fan art contest! However, this isn’t going to be about fan art for your favorite superheroes. Oh no... they’ve gotten enough love already. This is going to be about us, the COMIC VINE STAFF, because we need some love, tribute and attention too! == TEASER ==

THE TASK : Simple. Draw a picture of myself, inferiorego Babs, G-Man, Riezner or Red L.A.M.P., either together or individually. All media is allowed. Pencils, inks, colors, crayons, paint, even glued macaroni mosaics… it’s all welcome. Don’t feel bound to depict us in regular garb. You can make us comic characters, space lords, pirates, cavemen, ad infnitum. Get creative, get wild, unleash your imaginations. But no funny business, alright? No inappropriate content… or you’re going to get in trouble.

THE RULES : You’ve got to be a resident of North America to get any prizes. Sorry. If you aren’t, you’re still free to enter - - you’ll get digital kudos and a shout-out! Also, whatever art you submit will become Comic Vine’s property to show, forever and ever.

THE PRIZES : The entire three-DVD DYNAMIC FIGURE DRAWING set. Get instruction in drawing heads, bodies and hands & feet from no less than BATMAN-artist David Finch! Two runners-up will receive one DVD - - either COMIC BOOK ILLUSTRATION WITH PHIL NOTO: PIN-UPS AND COVERS or COMIC BOOK COLORING WITH STEVE FIRCHOW.

THE DEADLINE : You have until October 4th to post your contributions in this thread. We’ll announce the winners in some colorful fashion some time after that.