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The New Superman Movie Gets A Villainess

It's Ursa...! Wait, I mean, Faora.

 She's already using her heat vision... to melt our hearts.
 She's already using her heat vision... to melt our hearts.

It’s funny how certain characters run around in some sort of conceptual cycle through this whole comics-to-film milieu. Faora Ha-Ul has traditionally been the sadistic, man-hating second-in-command of General Zod’s evil Kryptonian Phantom Zone posse. However, when the first set of SUPERMAN movies came around, she was retooled into Ursa, a villainess who resembled Faora in every regard except, perhaps, a more easily pronounceable name.

When Michael Shannon was announced as MAN OF STEEL's Zod, we all kinda figured an Ursa casting announcement would follow - -and we were sort-of right. The AV Club’s now reporting that Antje Traue, whose last major credit was in PANDORUM, has been cast as Faora. Who wants to put money down that next casting announcement’s going to pertain to Non, Jax-Ur or some other mute brute? == TEASER ==

Hmmm… unless there are going to be some curveballs in the villain department, MAN OF STEEL is shaping up to a be spiritual remake of SUPERMAN II in much the same fashion that SUPERMAN RETURNS was a spiritual remake of the first SUPERMAN. Even if it does lean closer to the “documentary style” Snyder’s talking about, you can be sure that it’s going to be a lot more “agro.” I don’t imagine these rogue Kryptonians will be sorting out their differences with Kal-El over a civilized game of chess.