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The New Role and Direction for Cyclops and the X-Men

The former leader of the X-Men had made some drastic decisions. Is this what the X-Men needed to happen?

With mutants in the Marvel universe, there's always been the question of survival. For some reason, they have always been feared and hated. It didn't matter that other super-powered individuals such as the Fantastic Four, Captain America or Thor existed. Mutants were always singled out as major threats. The only reason Spider-Man is sometimes seen as a menace is due to J. Jonah Jameson's smear campaign in the Daily Bugle.

Despite's Professor Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans, it's always been more a matter of survival of the fittest. This is where Xavier and Magneto differed in opinion. Magneto felt mutants had to stand for themselves and claim their role as the next evolution of the human species. It was recently that he agreed to tone down his extreme methods when joining the X-Men once again.

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Cyclops has always been the poster boy for the X-Men and Xavier's beliefs. Over the last few years he's slowly been changing his ways. During AVENGERS VS X-MEN, some would say Cyclops completely crossed the line in order to preserve the survival of mutants. Now seen as a criminal by the vast majority in the Marvel Universe, was this the best decision and is there any way for Cyclops to go back to a school setting?

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Simply put, Cyclops has evolved. He is not the perfect obedient soldier following Xavier's dream. As far as he's concerned, that dream is dead. The world has changed and Xavier's methods failed to ensure the survival of mutants. Despite his slow move to become more proactive (sanctioning a killer X-squad and deciding young mutants need to be trained as soldiers), it was having the power of the Phoenix Force that really changed the game. He felt that with the power, he had to do whatever it took for mutants to survive. There were many casualties during the battles (including his killing Professor X) and destruction around the world which resulted in his incarceration. As long as the Phoenix Force could be used to spark the creation and return of mutants, he was perfectly willing to accept the cost.

While incarcerated, Cyclops was willing to be a political prisoner or even become a martyr for the cause he now believed in. Having arranged to be broken out of his prison by Magneto and Magik (In AVX: CONSEQUENCES #5), Cyclops has decided his battle for mutantkind is not over.

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During his breakout, he took the time to have Magik banish some inmates that killed a mutant prisoner to Limbo and had Danger scar the face of the warden as a message to anyone that "tries to profit from mutant prejudice." In the past, Cyclops wouldn't have issued such punishment. The times definitely are changing.

Since Cyclops has become more extreme in his ways, there has been many debates on the message boards whether or not Cyclops was right. Does he have the right to take these matters into his own hands? Was it his position to cause the creation of more mutants, even if those that now become mutants never asked for it? Apart from the unintended murder of Charles Xavier, has Cyclops completely given up on the dream of the man that he came to see as his father?

The answer to that last question is 'no.' He still believes in the dream. It's that dream that is driving him. He simply understands that Xavier's methods can't work in today's world as the level of hatred and fear has risen to an all time high. Al the X-Men are aware of the possible dismal future that they could all be facing. Upon busting out of his prison, Cyclops left Wolverine a letter.

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He told Wolverine to continue with the school and the teaching of Xavier's ways. He believes he will be able to give the young mutants of today a better tomorrow. He knows he will have to give up a lot in order to push the world to accept mutants and to ensure their safety and survival. He will fight the battles so that Wolverine won't' have to and can concentrate on the teaching of those young mutants. He is willing to do things that others might perceive as wrong or even criminal in order to ensure the safety of the students and other new mutants that may arise.

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Cyclops mission now is be more of a strike force in the protection of his species. He will take on the name "X-Men" as well and pick up any mutants he comes across. Whether he has those mutants fight by his side or sends them off to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning remains to be seen.

There's also the question of what Cyclops' younger self will think of his future counterparts extreme ways. That will be a big part in the pages of ALL-NEW X-MEN when the original X-Men are brought to the present. It's been rumored (based on several bits and pieces of the first issue that have been released) that this will be the major factor in the X-Men from the past journeying to the present.

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Was Cyclops right?

That's a question that will continue to be debated. As more mutants pop up, so will the threats against them and humans. Just as Magneto was seen as a criminal for doing whatever he felt was necessary in order to stand for the rights of mutants, Cyclops is prepared to do the same.

Comic book logic may tell us that Cyclops will eventually be embraced as a hero once again someday. That just isn't something he's concerned about right now.

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Cyclops' job is to ensure the survival of mutants, no matter what the cost is.