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The Mystery of Cyclops' Disappearance Continues to Unfold

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #4 reveals more details on what happened to Cyclops when he confronted the Inhumans.

With the relaunch of several titles under the All-New, All-Different Marvel banner, we've been left wondering what happened to certain characters in the 8 month time period since Secret Wars ended. One of the mysteries was the absence of the adult version of Cyclops. We gathered the clues from ALL-NEW X-MEN #1 and EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #3 and discussed them HERE. Some new startling information has surfaced in EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #4 as well.

There will be spoilers below if you haven't read any of the above listed comics.

Before Secret Wars, we had two versions of Cyclops. Beast brought the younger versions of the original X-Men into the present and they got stuck there. What we discovered earlier was the adult Cyclops was dead.

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Cyclops decided to attack the Inhumans and apparently died. This statement left readers skeptical since we didn't actually see the death occur plus this is comic books we're talking about. It could be possible for Marvel to actually have the adult Cyclops remain dead for a period. Jean Grey has been dead for years with the younger version remaining the one and only Jean in comics. Wolverine's been dead for over a year as well with X-23 taking his mantle and Old Man Logan arriving from an alternate future to fill his spot on the team.

It turns out the return of Cyclops may be sooner than we expected. In EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #4, we discovered that Mr. Sinister has been trying to fix the fact that mutants have become sterile due to the Terrigen Mists and are on their way to extinction. Since this is Mr. Sinister we're talking about, that means he's been doing some experiments on mutants.

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Sinister hasn't had much success. He figured the only way to have mutants evolve is to make them part Inhuman. Despite his attempts, he's been unable to to get the mutant and Inhuman DNA to coexist.

It appeared all of Sinister's test subjects ended up dying. As you would expect, it turned out there was one exception.

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You may be wondering what all of this has to do with Cyclops. Sinister has long been fascinated with Cyclops and the Summers bloodline. Who is the one mutant that was able to survive his experimentation?

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The issue ended with Cyclops emerging with some major changes. Sinister apparently was able to fuse some Inhuman DNA into him. What we don't know is what this has done to him or how he ended up in Sinster's hands.

Cyclops has been determined to help mutantkind survive. It doesn't seem likely he'd volunteer to be part of Sinister's experiments. What we heard before was he attacked the Inhumans. It's possible the attack left him beaten and weak. Perhaps Sinister happened to be close by and managed to scoop up Scott's body to see if he could make his idea work. Maybe he even made some sort of deal with the Inhumans since he's also managed to acquire a large amount of Terrigen Mists.

Even if that was the case, why has Scott remained with Sinister all this time? The cover to the next issue gives the impression he may be willing to do Sinister's bidding and could be fighting the X-Men.

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It also looks like Cyclops' entire body becomes hardened by a new exterior. Has the experimentation affected his mind as well? Has Sinister managed to make Cyclops his puppet? Is this just a Cyclops clone? Unfortunately we'll have to wait until January 13 to find out more.

Has Cyclops now become part Inhuman and what will this mean for the future of the X-Men? At least Cyclops isn't dead. The question is whether or not this change is for the better.

What do you think of this latest outcome?