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The Incredible Hercules Vs The Mighty Avengers

This should be interesting.  Hercules is the a god.   He's supposed to be the strongest.  So he should have no problem taking on the Avengers, right?  But then, they have Ares.  The God of War.  It's funny that the Avengers and Tony Stark spend so much time going after unregistered heroes instead of worrying about the actual villains.  Maybe they figure that the heroes will hold back when fighting them where as the villains could go all out against them and try to kill them.  You can have a slimeball like Norman Osborn in a position of power just because he signed a piece of paper.  Yet those that continue to risk their lives for others are considered the "bad guys."  Let's hope Herc tells them a thing or two.  Plus we get a cover by Art Adams!

It had to happen—Hercules battles Ares in a fight that’s been brewing for centuries! Incredible Hercules #113, from the acclaimed writing team of World War Hulk architect Greg Pak and fan-favorite Fred Van Lente, lushly illustrated by rising star Khoi Pham, the duo of Hercules and Amadeus Cho continue their escape from S.H.I.E.L.D.—but Ares will have none of that! Teaming with fellow Mighty Avengers member Wonder Man, the God Of War aims to extract revenge for times past with a weapon so deadly, so potent, that Hercules will not escape unscathed! Smashing out of WWH, this is the book that’ll show you just why Hercules & Cho may just be the hottest new team of 2008!

“Greg and Fred have crafted an amazing story that delves into Herc’s past and brings a mythic quality to the present arc,” said Senior Editor Mark Paniccia. “And then there’s Khoi and Paul Neary’s art and fantastic coloring by the great Stephan Peru. Get ready for an epic tale that will knock you into the next century.”

It’s all out action like only the God Of War could bring you and by this issue’s end, Hercules will never be the same—then again, he may not survive! Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Incredible Hercules #113, continuing the fallout from World War Hulk and featuring an all-new variant cover by Pham. This is the battle you’ve been demanding and now it’s time for the Gods to war like you’ve never seen before!

Penciled by KHOI PHAM
Cover by ART ADAMS
Variant Cover by KHOI PHAM
Rated A …$2.99
FOC – 12/20/2007, On-Sale – 1/16/2008

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