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THE FUTURE PROPHECY Combines Super-Heroes and the Power of Music

Sara Simms and and Melle Oh bring their love of music and art to the graphic novel format.

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Siblings Sara Simms and Melle Oh have a deep love for art, music, and storytelling. They decided to combine those things for one multi-media experience, in graphic novel format called THE FUTURE PROPHECY. In addition to the comic, there will be music accompaniment which has songs that are composed by the story's characters.

What do you get when you cross a DJ/electronic music producer with a comic book-loving writer/artist? Add superheroes, a mutant army, a dash of rock and roll and you have sibling duo Sara Simms and Melle Oh and their ground-breaking graphic novel project, The Future Prophecy. What makes the project so unique? The sisters are story's heroines, complete with magical superpowers and costumes to match. The villains and heroes are based on Canadian DJs, music producers & musicians.

THE FUTURE PROPHECY's graphic novel series is also a concept album series that features DJs as the heroes and villains of the book. Each issue goes with an electronic music single composed by the characters within the stories. THE FUTURE PROPHECY is set in Toronto, the home town of the co-creators, and the book makes Toronto into a dystopian warzone.

The second issue, Omega Journey, is illustrated by Paris Alleyne and written by Meele Oh. The song that accompanies the story is "Dark Matter," by Gui Guillotine, available here.

In Omega Journey, the dystopian city of Toronto has fallen to Bogtown Records. Revolutionary leader Savion Simms embarks on a dangerous mission that turns ominous when Gui Guillotine arrives on the scene. Sara Simms, the only DJ who can carry out her husband's plan to save the city has mysteriously disappeared. Melle Oh races to track down her missing sister before Bogtown's mutant CACU army bombs their studio location to smithereens!

The series was created by the superstar sibling team of Sara Simms and Melle Oh, who have been working together to bring electronic music, artwork and live events to life for over a decade. Sara is multi-instrumentalist who is known for her love of music technology and Melle Oh is a creative visionary. The sisters plan to release twelve issues of The Future Prophecy and twelve accompanying musical tracks. Omega Journey is available on Amazon, Apple's iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and Kobo; 'Dark Matter' is available on iTunes, Beatport, and Spotify.

Here's Sara Simms and Melle Oh talking about the project in their YouTube video:

You can get more info, more videos, and more music on their website, The Future Prophecy. You can read the first book, Omega Journey over on Amazon as well.