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The First Real Poster For The Avengers Movie? [Updated]

Plus, how will Favreau still be involved in Iron Man 3?

Looks almost exactly like what I pictured.
Looks almost exactly like what I pictured.

Everybody remember those early, early months of THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA’s advertising? Long before any actual photos were released, we got some highly-rendered conceptual art of the heroes in costume - - and they wound up being quite representative of the end product. THE AVENGERS movie is still a year away, but CBM’s got a pic of the team that’ll start this whole process all over again. Reportedly, this is a poster being hung at the Licensing International Expo and, true to Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner’s respective comments, Cap’s costume is slightly altered from its appearance in THE FIRST AVENGER and Hawkeye’s outfit’s reminiscent of the iteration in THE ULTIMATES.

In other Marvel movie news, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. spoke at the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival recently and dropped some tidbits regarding Favreau’s involvement in IRON MAN 3. For one, he’s offering some aide to the new writer/director, Shane Black, in a return-of-favor for Black's help with the previous movie. Also, Downey’s adamant about making sure that Favreau gets to reprise his role of Happy Hogan. So, even as the guy goes on to direct MAGIC KINGDOM, it looks like he’ll still be visibly involved in IM3. You can see see the transcript at Slash Film.

We got a little update from a source that asked to remain anonymous.

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