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The First Official Photo of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man!

Boy, does he look beat-up.

  Cheer up, Peter! You're a star!
 Cheer up, Peter! You're a star!

Lo and behold... the first official pic of Andrew Garfield as the wall-crawler in the new SPIDER-MAN reboot. Quite honestly,  thinking of all the movies costume publicity stills we’ve seen over the years - - from a mask-less Cap to a muscle-sinewed Green Lantern and even all the way back to first gold-florescent drenched shot of Christian Bale as Batman - - I don’t think I’ve had a more immediate “Yes!” reaction to a costume than this.

I'm digging the meaner material and the slight tweaks like the added loops around the wrists and the lack of the “belt” on the hip. While the previous Spidey outfit was strand-for-strand faithful (aside from the texture,) this actually looks like a hand-me-down a high school kid ganked from a pro wrestling outfit and subsequently put through a wringer no high-powered washing machine nor heavy-duty dryer could help. Maybe more importantly, Garfield might be the first Spidey with a skinnier, almost- gangly physique that Steve Ditko might draw. == TEASER ==

I’ll continue to assert that a lot of people are underestimating this reboot and it’s going to take fans by surprise. The fact that, of all the ways to present this outfit, they’ve chosen a discouraged, bloody and dirtied Peter Peter with his head hanging should be a sign that we're in store for something different here; something maybe even closer to comics like UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN.  

And hey - - click on the pic and look at the hi-res. Are those mechanical web-shooters?!?! Are those claw marks from the Lizard?!?!

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