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'The Darkseid War' Adds New Developments in JUSTICE LEAGUE #43

The stage is being set for some massive craziness for the Justice League.

You would think it'd be really cool to be part of the Justice League of America. If you were a superhero, that's the team you'd want to be on. With Darkseid War heating up, perhaps it's time to rethink that. Things are starting to look pretty dire for the team in JUSTICE LEAGUE #43.

Let's check out some of the developments. As you can imagine, there will be some spoilers for the issue.

Kalibak is a Loose Cannon

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Kalibak is the son of Darkseid. That means he's nothing but trouble. With the confrontation between Darkseid and Anti-Monitor fast approaching, we see that Kalibak may have an agenda of his own. If that's the case and he's not 100% loyal to his father, that should mean it's a good thing. The problem is, there's no telling what his motives might be or what decisions he might make.

In a 'war' between Darkseid and Anti-Monitor, the Justice League wouldn't want either to win. Kalibak fighting for himself or aligning himself with the Anit-Monitor could just lead to more problems. It's crazy enough for the League to figure out what they need to do next. Besides Darkeseid and Anti-Monitor, there's also Grail, Darkseid's daughter, to consider. There's a lot of players coming into this 'war' and they all pretty much have bad intentions. Kalibak could just add one more massive problem to the game board.

Batman Embracing the Powers of the New Gods

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We're still trying to grasp this concept. When Batman took the Mobius Chair away from Metron, he gained the answers to just about any question he could ask. Sitting on the chair is what changed him. We're seeing some changes already as Batman is now pretty firm that the chair is his. Hal Jordan express concern over him staying on the chair since the information from the chair is "mainlining into [his] brain." As great as Batman is at what he does, he is still just a human. Even Cyborg mentions being plugged into a Mother Box almost drove him insane.

Yeah, it's possible Batman can handle it since he is...Batman, but there's still a big risk. We know what they say about absolute power...

Lex Luthor and Superman Working Together

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Lex Luthor and Superman working together? We saw them do this during the Amazo Virus arc but things are a little different this time. The two are on Apokolips and separated from the team. To make it worse, Superman is losing his powers because of the lack of sunlight. That really puts his life into Lex's hands. Lex has shown some good intentions lately but this is Lex Luthor we're talking about. Can he ever truly be trusted? What he does later can also be questioned. (See below).

Darkseid and Anit-Monitor About to Clash

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Look at these two figures. They are massive and full of immense power. The two actually colliding with each other can't be good for the universe. Things are about to get really ugly as the two come into contact with each other. The League still needs to figure out what they're going to do. Should they sit back and let one finish off the other? Is that even possible or will the fighting just lead to major destruction? Even though the footsoldiers of each are likely pure evil, I can't see the League just watching them get demolished in the conflict either. As powerful as the League is, this would have to be a pretty scary sight.

Superman Goes Through a Change...For the Worse?

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As Lex tries to take Superman away from harm, they quickly become completely surrounded and overwhelmed. Lex has no choice but to "drop" Superman. He isn't just going to drop him on the ground though. He tells Superman he intends to drop him in a fire pit on Apokolips. Somehow Lex knows (or thinks) the pits contain the solar energy Superman would need to give himself a power boost to get back into the game. We have to wonder if Lex really knew and believed that or is he just looking after his own neck. The fire pits do have an affect on Superman. Whether or not it's a good one remains to be seen in the next issue. We'll just say it doesn't look too good at this point. (No, we're not spoiling everything!)

There are other developments in the issue as well. Mister Miracle comes in contact with the League. Metron seems to have something up his sleeve. And of course there's still Grail and whatever she has planned. Be sure to check out the issue for the rest.

What are your thoughts on these latest developments?