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The Comic Vine 2012 Movie Awards

From Best Villain to Best Director, you can now help determine which comic book movie will take home the most wins!

Comic book movies have come a long way over the past couple of years. Once viewed as cheesy, they've now flourished (for the most part) and become something the general audience adores. While not every film is a financial success (here's lookin' at you, Dredd), 2012 proved there's still plenty of hope for comic book movies. From director Christopher Nolan concluding his epic Batman trilogy to The Avengers breaking the box office, this was a great year for heroes on the big screen.

Now it's time to reflect on these fantastic films and declare where each film excelled. But, we the staff aren't going to pick the winners. You will help decide which films get praise! I present to you... the very first COMIC VINE MOVIE AWARDS!

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Participating is very simple. Check out each of the following links and vote! Winners will be announced next Monday (01/21/13).