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The Casting Race for the New Superman Movie Begins

Who's been named so far?

  The intensity I'm talking about...
 The intensity I'm talking about...

With all the excitement over the GREEN LANTERN trailer, some of you maniacs might have gotten your minds off the new SUPERMAN movie. You know, the one that Christopher Nolan's producing, David Goyer's scripting and Zack Snider's directing.  Now that the key creative personnel's been locked, Deadline says it’s officially time for perhaps the most contentious part of the movie production process - - the casting race. Remember the ones we watched this year for Captain America? And, before that, the new Spider-Man movie? We’re going to be seeing all of that all over again as the search has begun for actors in the 28-to-32 age range who’re most likely going to be unknowns or lesser-knowns.

The age bracket and fame status pretty much immediately rules out fan favorite Jon Hamm. The three actors already being talked about are Arnie Hammer from THE SOCIAL NETWORK, Joe Manganiello of TRUE BLOOD and Ian Somerhalder of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. You can look at their respective head   shots below…

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Interestingly enough, Hammer was about three days away from playing Batman in the cancelled JUSTICE LEAGUE movie while Manganiello, I believe, has actually been publically campaigning for the role.  

Any speculation might be for naught as every actor who’s played Superman before - - from George Reeves to Christopher Reeve, and from Dean Cain to Tom Welling - - was basically an unknown prior to that. I don’t have any picks, myself, but I do believe that whoever they pick needs to have that commanding, stealy stare that Reeve was able to turn on whenever he stopped being Clark Kent. I think Brandon Routh is a fine actor - - he was so awesome in SCOTT PILGRIM - - but I never go that kind of intensity from him in SUPERMAN RETURNS.

Now, it’s time for the real speculation. Who do you maniacs think should be the new Man of Steel?

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