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The Birds Of Prey Are Returning

Have you been waiting for the series to return?

DC's The Source has announced that the Birds Of Prey are returning!  When is the series coming back?  This April.  The series will be written by none other than Gail Simone who will be joined by artist Ed Benes.  You might remember the work they did on the previous Birds Of Prey series.

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  Gail Simone said:

“I am really excited and I missed those characters terribly. I miss almost every book I’ve ever written, but the Birds have a special place in my heart and brain.”

Will you be adding this book to your pull list?  Also in April, DC will be releasing Brightest Day titles along with The Flash and the Justice League, Generation Lost titles.  Start saving your money.  Are you happy to see the Birds of Prey return?  How do you feel about the series being canceled and now returning?  Do you think they should continue as issue #128 or start over with a new #1?