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The Best Stuff In Comics: 3-2-15

This is where we present to you, the other best stuff besides the best covers, best story arcs, and best order of chips and salsa.

This used to be a VIDEO FEATURE for over one hundred episodes. We've changed the format to a text version as most seem to prefer it this way. And don't forget to take the poll at the end.

Each week we take a look at the other Best Stuff you might have missed...this week.


Best Way to Take Out the Trash

Spider-Gwen is back in her world and has to deal with one of her enemies. She's not thrilled with the guy but someone has to take out the trash.

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Best Way to Taunt a Villain

Now this isn't a behavior we'd condone, but Gwen needed to get the attention of Vulture. He has a little bit of an ego. Gwen is still young and figured this would work.

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Death from a butt...


Best “The Gang’s All Here” Moment

This was a pretty crazy issue. There were a few big things that happened but we won't spoil them here. We do get a pretty interesting and deadly gathering. You might almost feel sorry for whoever has to go up against them all at the same time.

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Best Name for Drinks

Thor has a drinking contest with Mephisto. That's all you really need to know. They do drink some pretty fancy drinks.

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Marvel should totally market and sell those cups as well. Or at least try opening up another themed restaurant.


Best Blurred Out Hand Gesture

Ah, I'm sure you can guess who's arm this is sticking out and what the gesture is supposed to be in this Black Vortex crossover issue.

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Best Clash between a Hammer and a Sword

Who doesn't like a nice epic clash between powerful characters. As some of the heroes are determined to use the Black Vortex to convert others, we get a surprise new player in the mix going up against the transformed Gamora.

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Of course Andrea Sorrentino's are really makes it epic.


Most Dramatic Speech

You may have found yourself forced to listen to a long-winded speech before. You'll be welcoming those when you think about possibility of being on the receiving end of this one.

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Best Touching Reaction to the Death of Wolverine

This issue gave us the triumphant return of the X-Babies! Spider-Man does the right thing and informs little Wolvie about what's happened recently.

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Best “We’re On The Same Page” Moment

I don't know about you but I enjoy when a movie or show manages to mention the the title during the program. It's a little cheesy sometimes but has to be done in a clever way. Anyway, some people aren't too happy about Quantum and Woody.

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Best Name for Guns

Of course Deadpool has names for his guns. Of course he does.

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But it looks like he misspelled one of the names.

Best 'Princess Bride' Reference

Please tell me you've seen the movie and get this reference. Or better yet, please don't tell me if you haven't and don't.

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Best Kiss

This is the kiss everyone has been talking about and slightly freaking out over. In some ways it makes sense. Also in the context of the overall story, there is still some question over the meaning of the kiss.

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We did ask Genevieve Valentine, the writer about it in our interview with her the other day.


Best Spider-Man vs Spider-Man Moment

The moment we've been waiting for since SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #19. Actually, this is a moment we've been waiting for since Ock got the upper hand over Spidey.

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Best ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Reference

You gotta love Killer Croc. After escaping Arkham Asylum during it's destruction, he's been hiding out beneath the Gotham Academy and some of the students have found him. So he tells them a story when they brought him some food.

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In case you're not sure what he's talking about or what the reference is to or if you've simply forgotten, you can check this out:


Best Explosions/Singing/Van

This issue has quite a bit going on. I just don't have enough room or time to fully explain what is going on here. You really ought to read it for yourself.

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Best Poll of the Week

Last week the poll dealt with whether or not you've ever been caught singing and dancing in your room or some place. You can check out the rest of the results HERE.

This week, we want to know which drink you'd be willing to try.

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That's all I came up with this week. Let us know in the comments below what other Best Stuff you dug this past week. Thanks to @djfanco, @simonsezstuff, and @ploiken. You guys are totally fireworks in my book. (Did I use the reference correctly?)

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