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The Best Stuff In Comics: 10-27-14

This is where we present to you, the other best stuff besides the best covers, best story arcs, and best sandwiches.

Normally this has been a VIDEO FEATUREfor over one hundred episodes. We're still toying with the idea of changing the format to see what works best. It's all a matter of time for us to produce and in how you all prefer to consume this feature. I've toyed with the idea of testing a text version to see how it goes. Let me know in the comments below.

Each week we take a look at the other Best Stuff you might have missed.


Best ACTION COMICS #1 Homage

Hobgoblin seems to have changed his ways. In a montage of good deeds, we see a pretty familiar looking scene.

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Best Motivational Speech

Roderick Kingsley has decided to profit off the idea of being a superhero and setting up superhero franchises. The reaction to his words was pretty impressive.

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Best Indication Things are Returning to Normal at the Daily Planet

In the New 52, the Daily Planet hasn't quite felt like it used to. Lois Lane got a big promotion, while great for her, took her out of the field as a reporter, for the most part. Clark Kent quit to start a blog with Cat Grant. Thankfully Lois hasn't been able to stay away from being a reporter and if Perry White and Geoff Johns has anything to say about all this, Clark will return to the Planet as well.

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Best Narration During a Battle

It's Deadpool. He likes to talk. It's always fascinating what must be going on in his mind.

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Best Corny Lines During a Battle

We all know that the banter during a superhero fight is a big thing. The heroes and villains may have incredible skills and powers but keeping up the witty banter isn't always easy. Here we have Barry Allen vs...himself. It's no wonder they both yell out lines that will make you groan.

Here's when Barry first decides to take action against his future self.

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The thing is, I wonder if Flash ever said that before now. It's kind of surprising if he hasn't.

Later when his future self seems to get the upper hand, we yells out this line:

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This issue does also have the best surprise-appearance-that-you-probably-saw-coming-but-was-still-crazy-to-see.


Best Costume Upgrade

We think Cindy Moon, Silk, is an interesting new character. Her costume wasn't really something to write home about. It was basically a bunch of webs all over her body. It seems others have noticed this as a slight problem.

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Cindy decides to do something about it. Don't ask us exactly how her web powers work but it looks like she had no problems whipping up an entirely newly designed outfit.

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Best Improvised Pharmaceutical Disclaimer

We know Spidey can easily come up with the witty banter.

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Best Sound FX Battle Cry

Having a great battle cry can say a lot about a superhero or team. Throughout this series, Speedball has been trying to come up with the perfect one. They might be onto something here. Or maybe they just needs to really keep working on it.

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Best commentary on Power Girl's costume

We've heard the comments before. When Power Girl ends up with a bit of amnesia, she wonders what's going on with her costume.

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Best Horrifying Moment

I've mentioned that I've fallen a little behind in this series but this is pretty crazy. As if things were bad enough, now we have talking zombies...with knives.

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Best Overview of the Current Situation

Leave it to Michael Walsh to give us a great visual idea of what's going on. He's done this before and it's great seeing the entire scene from a pulled back view right before the action starts.

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This issue also has a great display of trick arrows (right after this scene) and a nice display of g-forces at work, on MODOK.


Best Reason to Not Like Hush

Supervillains often have numerous reason to despise them. They often do amazingly cruel things. If you've ever had a hellish commute, you'll find a new reason to not like Hush.

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Best Sweater

Deadpool. In a sweater. 'Nuff said.

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Bonus: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode #205

Best use of escrima sticks

Just because someone made an animated gif and it was a really cool scene, check out Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird.

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That's all I came up with this week. Let us know in the comments below what other Best Stuff you dug this past week. Special thanks to @djfanco, and @Jawshco (via Twitter) for their suggestions. If you want to participate, you can @reply me on Twitter at@GManFromHeck by Fridays using the hashtag #BestStuffInComics and I'll think you're pretty groovy.

Let us know what you thought of this new format we're testing. So be sure to always look for the best stuff and be sure to wear those holiday sweaters with pride.