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The Best Stuff In Comics: 1-26-15

This is where we present to you, the other best stuff besides the best covers, best story arcs, and take-and-bake pizza this week.

This used to be a VIDEO FEATURE for over one hundred episodes. We've changed the format to a text version as most seem to prefer it this way. And don't forget to take the poll at the end.

Each week we take a look at the other Best Stuff you might have missed...this week.


Best Image Suitable for Your Nightmares

Elektra has had her hands full with dealing with Bullseye's comatose body, entering his mind, and going on the hunt for the leader of the Assassin's Guild. While on the trail, she enters a place called Monkey Village. Most people think monkeys are cute. Monkeys with masks and clothing would have to be...precious. But monkeys can easily turn from cute to ferocious. Throw in a weirdly-dressed person surrounded by the monkeys and you have something that would seem to pop up in a strange and dark dream.

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Freaky stuff.


Best Professor X Impression

Remember that guy Crux that really hated aliens and got transformed into a bit of a beast? Well, he's locked up in this issue and he gets a visitor from a professor. There seems to be a little something familiar about this guy with his gestures and mode of transportation. Maybe there's a little more to him than it appears.

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Best "Come With Me If You Want To Live" Moment

I really hope you know what that line is in reference to. If you don't, please don't tell me so I don't have to shake my head at you. In the opening of this issue, there is some pretty crazy things happening. What would you do if someone came out of nowhere and asked you to go with them?

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Best Futuristic Bar

For those that are of legal drinking age, drinking alcoholic beverages can have a nice calming effect. People tend to drink a certain amount in order to reach a certain state. The problem is finding the right mix in order to maintain that feeling. People tend to go too far and that's where other problems come in. In this bar in New Japan in the year 4001, we see the alcoholic beverage technology has reached a new height.

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Best Reason to Make Sure You Know Everyone's Name You're Hanging Out With

Have you ever hung out with a bunch of new people. Trying to remember everyone's names can be tricky. If you realize you're not sure, you'll have to dance around until someone else mentions the name. But there also comes a time when you think you know everyone's name and accidentally call someone by the wrong name. Embarrassing. Poor Miles.

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Best Use of a Top Hat

I'll be honest with you, Mad Hatter isn't one of my favorite Batman villains. I just don't care for his look or his shtick. When Harper Row makes her costumed debut as Bluebird, she manages to get a hold of Mad Hatter's hat and puts it on. She actually makes it look good.

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Yes, Harper, it does look better on you. Just don't get too conceited.


Best "Spider-Man No More" Homage

It's basically in the title of the issue so of course there should be a visual homage as well. We won't say who was the one telling the story about giving it all up. It seems this is a common theme among Spider-Men.

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Best Sort of Reference to the Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series

There's a small vocal minority that really isn't too crazy about the Spider-Man animated series. Some are angered that it's not a continuation of the previous Spectacular Spider-Man series (which was produced by a different studio and there's a bunch of legal things involved). It does seem that the more people watch Ultimate Spider-Man (now with the Web Warriors subtitle), the more they like it (or at least tolerate it). There's a comment in the issue that seems like it could maybe be in reference to the series.

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Best Sparkles This Week

When the Spiders travel between universes, it's a pretty spectacular display (no pun intended).

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And yes, I just wanted to post this image of Spider-Gwen and Silk. FWASH!


Best Creepy Villain

Imagine a childhood story with a creepy bad guy. That's what we have here. Geomancer recalls a story with a guy by the name of Mr. Flay. That name alone is pretty bad. Next thing she knows, this dude appears in front of her. Then he reveals his true nature.

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Best Super-Shove

Superman is really good at keeping his temper in check. He's even been managing to work alongside of Lex Luthor, who is always delightfully skeezy. But with all the bad crazy things happening in this story arc, Superman loses his cool just a little bit. Who doesn't want to see these two really go at it?

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Best Way to Tell if You're In a Fight

Sometimes you're having a discussion with your significant other and things slowly start to escalate. Before you realize it, you just might find yourself in the middle of a fight. But how can you be sure if you're really in a fight?

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If you ever get that look, watch out. Maybe it's time to think about what you've said and start apologizing.

Best Poll of the Week

Last week the poll dealt with choosing your favorite the Jedi Mind Trick (you guys are determined to make it work someday). You can check out the rest of the results HERE.

This week, we want to know if you've ever tried using the said these certain words.

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That's all I came up with this week. Let us know in the comments below what other Best Stuff you dug this past week. Thanks to @djfanco and@simonsezstuff. If you want to participate or felt we missed some other Best Stuff, you can @reply me on Twitter at@GManFromHeck by Fridays using the hashtag #BestStuffInComics and I'll think you're pretty groovy.

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