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The Best Battles In Comics This Week

Fights from STAR WARS #14, INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US: YEAR FIVE #1, and LONE WOLF 2100 #1 are featured this week.

Comics often feature huge fights with superheroes against supervillains. Sometimes we even have superheroes fighting other superheroes. Get ready to cheer and possibly cringe at the brutal punches being thrown in this week's selection of best battles.

There will be some spoilers below!

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(By Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato, and Frank Martin Jr)

There's chaos everywhere on the planet Vrogas Vas. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader both crashed on the planet after a battle in space. Han Solo and Chewbacca managed to save Luke from Vader's ally, Dr. Aphra and her killer droids only to get attacked by Black Krrsantan the Wookie.

Unfortunately for Chewbacca, he's still recovering from having Mandalorian Xenotox in his system and he's a little groggy.

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Chewbacca is still able to put up a fight. Han decides to help his buddy but as he tries to get a shot in, Black Krrsantan throws Chewbacca at him.

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As Han reaches for his blaster, Black Krrsantan grabs him and throws him as well. Han still wants to even things out and tries to get R2-D2 to inject Chewbacca with an antidote.

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Artoo manages to inject Chewbacca by shooting the antidote into him. The affect is immediate and Chewie is starting to feel like his old self, just in time.

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Sadly, the fight is not over yet. It goes on and continues in the next part of the Vader Down story arc in DARTH VADER #15.


(By Brian Buccellato, Iban Coello, and J. Nanjan)

Superman continues to enforce his reign over Earth. As some recently liberated supervillains immediately surrender upon Superman's arrival, he and Flash are caught off guard by the sudden appearance of Doomsday. When Doomsday arrived, he landed on top of Flash's leg. Superman greets Doomsday with a punch to the face that sends him flying.

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After checking on Flash, he goes after Doomsday. With his temper as short as ever, he demands to know who sent Doomsday after him. Superman's immediate suspicion is Batman.

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Of course Doomsday's response is a punch that sends him flying with a hard landing in Gotham.

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Doomsday follows Superman just as he recovers. Superman grabs part of a bridge and slams it into Doomsday.

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As you would expect, this doesn't stop Doomsday. You'll have to read the issue to see what happens next and who is watching nearby.

LONE WOLF 2100 #1

(By Eric Heisserer, Miguel Sepulveda, and Javier Mena)

Inspired by the LONE WOLF AND CUB manga, a virus has hit the world in the year 2100. Mankind has been turned into cannibalistic monsters known as the Thrall. A young girl, Daisy Ogami, seems to have a cure within her bloodstream. Traveling to meet her father with her android protector, Itto, the two stop for the night so Daisy can get some rest.

Some reclaimers arrive in the area and start killing off a horde of Thrall despite the fact they were once human. Itto sets out to put a stop to them so they don't wake up Daisy and since it's the right thing to do.

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Itto easily evades their gunfire and turns their recklessness against them.

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The men just don't know when to quit. Even though they're getting picked off, they push on with their attack.

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The fight continues. Eventually Itto is the last man, or last android, standing. He gathers Daisy and they continue on their journey.

That's all the time we have for this week.

Honorable Mention:

  • Vader vs Karbin also in STAR WARS #14

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What are your top three fights from this latest round of new comics? Support what you love and tell the world below. Also, don't forget to make nominations every week in this thread, especially if you feel we missed a great battle. If you're sad we missed one, speak up next week! You can even make suggestions via Twitter and use the hashtag #CVBattles.