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The '92 X-Men Are Coming to 'All-Different All-New' Marvel

The X-Men are coming back this spring!

Not only is the X-Men the Animated series a huge part of many people's childhoods, growing up, but the concept also made its way to SECRET WARS as X-MEN 92. Today, Marvel revealed that coming in 2016 is a new X-MEN 92 series.

Cover by David Nakayama
Cover by David Nakayama

Announced at the Diamond Baltimore Summit and Newsarama, artist Alti Firmansyah will team up on this on-going series with Chris Sims and Chad Bowers, who worked on the Secret Wars tie-in. The X-Men will return to their own 92 universe after the events of Battleworld and reopen Xavier's school. The only big difference is that Cassandra Nova's students will also be enrolling.

X-MEN 92 #1 will hit stores in spring 2016.