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The 8 Most Important Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman has changed her costume over the years. Here are her biggest costume changes.

Wonder Woman isn't just a pretty face -- she would snap you in half like a dried-up-twig if you told her she was! She is intelligent, strong, a good leader and she always puts other people's safety ahead of her own. She does all this while looking pretty gorgeous.

While Wonder Woman has pretty much kept her same look over the years, she has undergone some changes from time to time. Let's look at some of the outfits she's worn.

  1. The classic Wonder Woman! In the Golden Age she was wearing a skirt (okay, maybe things have been retconned and it was really her mom, Hippolyta but it was still Wonder Woman). If you don't know what I am talking about, you're not worthy!
  2. Her classic look is the one she keeps coming back to even in modern times, it's the look we all know and l-o-v-e.
  3. There have been times she tried to fancy things up by adding a cape over her costume. Fashion victim or Superman-envy, you be the judge?
  4. When she's wearing her Amazonian armor, you know it's best to steer clear of her. Is she about to bust into a "Lord of The Dance" Irish jig?
  5. Here is what she would look like if Stan Lee and Jim Lee had created her. Ah-sucky!
  6. Ah the 90s Conan-Chick meets Bicycle shorts look.
  7. In her 'civilian' identity as Agent Prince, she sometimes wears a full body suit. Surprisingly much hotter then a half-bodysuit.
  8. And let's not forget Frank Miller's version. Is that Rosario's butt-cheeks?
Which is your favorite?  Should Wonder Woman keep changing her look or keep the traditional one?