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Teen Titans/Superboy Writer Scott Lobdell Answers Your Questions About DC's 'New 52'

Scott Lobdell asked for your questions and here are the answers.

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Last Friday, Scott Lobdell, writer for Teen Titans, Superboy and Red Hood and the Outsiders, asked you guys for questions that he would answer on Saturday. It turns out you guys had plenty of questions. Scott has been sending over his replies, detailed ones, and has every intention of answering them all.

Because I don't want to be responsible for him missing any deadlines with his new books, I actually cut him off a little. Here are a load of responses and he will answer the rest next week. I want him to have a chance to catch his breath. If your question wasn't answered here, it will be. Just stay tuned.

Here's the words from Mr. Lobdell.

Wow! What a great bunch of people you are -- I knew I was right by throwing this out to the fans at Comic Vine!

I have to say I am humbled by your responses. I was thinking maybe I'd get, like thirty questions....but instead I got over a hundred (maybe two hundred when you consider all the sneaky people who crammed five or six questions into their posts! LOL! Don't think I wasn't paying attention!)

When next time we do this we'll have to set up a system where maybe we take ALL the questions and then let Comic Vine pick the best twenty! Does that sound fair?

Until then... I promised I'd answer you questions -- and I didn't put a stipulation as to how many. So... here goes!


Oh, and p.s. Deadlines being what they are, I couldn't answer all the questions at once -- so I'll be posting more answers later this week and more again on Monday or next week! Thanks for being so understanding, and thanks again for being so excited about TEEN TITANS, SUPERBOY and RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS!


Will Roy meet up with Cheshire in the reboot? Cause if they wont... grrr!

Well don't start growling yet! LOL! I don't have any plans for it, but I wouldn't rule it out either! I will confess something though, I kind of don't like when characters are largely defined by other characters. Sure, character interaction and history is important -- but Roy should not only be as interesting as he is with Cheshire... any more than Kori is only as interesting as she is in regard to Dick. For that matter, I don't think Jason is only as interesting as his relationship with Bruce/Batman. So yeah, while I imagine Roy will meet up with Cheshire at some point, I'm concentrating on Roy first.

(Before anyone says "Um! You wrote about a hundred issues of Rogue and Gambit!" I would say that is sort of people's memories playing tricks on them. I wrote a few issues, yes, but I was not a big fan of Rombit or Gague or whatever cute name they probably have. I felt it was interesting, sure, but I didn't want them to be defined only by their relationship to each other. If you go back and read you'll see a lot of that was done by other writers, God Bless them one and all! It's like how, I think, I only wrote maybe three lines of Mr. Sinister in all the years I was on the book because I never got what he did besides scratch his beard in the shadows a lot.)


Will I get to see Jason kick Tim's butt?

I don't have any plans for the two of them to meet. And I'm not entirely sure who would be kicking whose butt. Hmmm.

Will Superboy be like his Young Justice counterpart?

The television one, I'm assuming? I haven't watched the show but I read the word "Goon" a lot on the message boards. If that is the case then, no, Superboy is not a goon. He is really smart -- like the way a baby processes so much more information than we do because everything is new -- and he's very funny. Not a goon, not surly.

Will Superboy ever wear a leather jacket ever again?

Unless we discover he is allergic. LOL. But I can't see why he wouldn't wear a leather jacket if the situation called for it.

Are Jason and Roy gonna argue about everything?

I wouldn't say everything! And certainly not on a level where they are angry with each other. These two understand each other in a way that no other two characters in the DCU understand each other. They sort of both look at each other and thing "Man! I am glad I did NOT turn out like THAT!"


Which of the new 52 (aside from yours) are you most looking forward to, and will new readers (like me!) who have no idea what's going on in current continuity (Brightest Day, what? War of the green lanterns, huh? There's a guy who became evil but then died, but not really??) actually be able to follow along with everything?

I, VAMPIRE was awesome... it even made me a little frightened when I read it! Seriously, huge sleeper hit here.

I would say this: I would treat the books as first issues. There might be some stuff that is referenced, but I don't think it should hamper your enjoyment of the books. (Like I can tell you I used to be a stand up comedian between 1988 and 1992 -- but it doesn't mean you have to find old videos of me performing to enjoy reading this post!) Just sit back and enjoy the comics as they unspool in the moment and I think you'll be fine!

That said, there will be a lot of trying to read between the lines about what Tim has been up to before issue one of Teen Titans, etc... but I think that would be the case in any book. Even John McClane referenced Cappy Roberts his retired cop friend in Die Hard but that doesn't mean we needed to know anything more about him than he offered John his couch in Pomona!) So yeah, enjoy yourself.


How old is Tim Drake in Teen Titans?

I think sixteenish? Seventeenish? I hope that doesn't sound too vague but I don't think there is that much difference is there?


Are there any more characters joining the Teen Titans that we haven't seen yet?

I don't mean to be glib, but I'm not sure who you've seen! I can think of a character that appears on the first page of issue two who isn't revealed to be a Teen Titan until issue six, I think. But sure, there will be characters who come and go.

I think I think of Teen Titans as more the name applied to these group of teenagers than a "team" in the traditional sense. They are not going to be living in a Tower and they won't be shouting "Titans Together!" as they leap into battle. So I don't see a leader or a deputy leader or an actual membership where the tenth issue is called "The Roster Changeth!"

I think the kids who are in Titans will come and go as the stories dictate. So to that end, I'm pretty sure there are more characters than you've seen -- yes.


What's the relationship of Tim and Kon going to be like in Teen Titans? With such a thick history bonding the two, will we ever see a re-emergance of our favourite besties?

I think the bond between the two of them is the glue that is going to hold the Teen Titans together over the years. They don't start out as friends, no -- but it quickly becomes apparent that there is a mutual respect for each other that will quickly bond them for years to come.

(And before anyone asks, there is a scene in Teen Titans #4 where Tim and Bart are planning strategy...but the conversation quickly devolves when Tim notices Bart is wearing a sweatshirt he took without asking permission first! The two have a very younger and slightly older brother chemistry almost from the instant they meet!)


Are the Oulaws intended to be the "New 52" 's answer to the Outsiders?

No, not at all! That's good news for all the people that can't wait for a new Outsiders series, I imagine!

But the Outlaws are not a "team"... it is more like Robin Hood and the Merry Men. It is Jason (and outlaw himself) and a handful of other people around him and the adventures they have together and separately. No one will ever be "kicked out of the Outlaws" because the Outlaws isn't a team. They will never sit around their headquarters in chairs with their logo on the back... no one will ever shout "Get Jason Todd on the phone... this is a job only the Outlaws can accomplish!" I hope that answers your question!


With continuity being pretty unclear so far for the readers, as to what will stick and what won't, it's been said that Starfire still has her past with the Teen Titans. What about the other members of this Outsiders team continuity? And why this particular group of people on this team?

I think you mean Outlaws and not Outsiders. Jason's history is pretty much completely in tact -- but with some big reveals. We'll discover there was much more to his "re-orientation and training" after he came back to life than being shipped from Russian mobster to Polish munitions expert, etc. We'll learn that he received training at the hands of people that represented a sharp contrast between the type of experiences he had while being trained by Batman. And, we'll learn, sadly, that as soon as he left them he got so wrapped up in his quest for vengeance that he forgot all the truly important things he learned while he was there. Something happens in the first issue that starts him back on a road to that place... and hopefully, this time. he's matured enough that he can take everything he learned there and apply it.

Yeah, Jason has done some horrible things in his life -- depending on one's perspective on how much criminals should suffer or pay for their crimes with their lives given most haven't even been to trial for those crimes -- but I think at his core he is a good and noble person. Otherwise, Bruce never would have taken him into the bat cave that first time.

Roy's history is a bit abridged. Yes, he was Green Arrow's sidekick. Yes, he was a Teen Titan. Yes, he was an addict and that ultimately cost him his standing with both Green Arrow and Teen Titans. But he never married, never had a child, never had his arm torn off and never had carnal relations with a cat. But most importantly...

... he never relapsed. He's made his mistakes in life -- and certainly will continue to make more -- but the most heroic thing about Roy Harper is that he wakes up every morning sober and goes to bed sober, a Herculean task for some addicts. Whereas Jason is very calculating about everything he does (we'll see some of his safe houses across the globe) Roy always exists one hundred per cent in the moment: he says what he's thinking as he thinks it because he's discovered in the past that when he kept things in they festered and that only led to catastrophe.

Is that different than the Roy we've all known and loved over the years? Yes and no. It will be up to youse guys if you're willing to embrace a younger and more upbeat Roy than the angry and morose and nihilistic character he's become over the years. (Me? I love Outlaw Roy - and I'm hoping you will too!)


Will there be a crossover of Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws?

There is nothing planned, yet, but I've only broken down up to issue 8 of all three series. So stay tuned. (I don't see any reason why they would not crossover, just don't see it on the immediate horizon. Both teams are going to be very very busy.)

Did the fight that Jason and Tim had before in the previous volume of TT stays canon or is it erased?

I don't see why not.

Will we see Wally West?

Wally is not a character I have any control over so I have no answer for that question.


Will Dick and Starfire still had their relationship?


Is the Outlawz the bad ass version of Titans? *That uses force, or maybe Kill?*

No. While the Outlaws (though I love the way you spell it! Like Bratz!) might have to kill sometimes it isn't something that defines their membership one way or the other. They are outlaws and that means they are going to go up against some very unsavory types and they'll do whatever they have to in order to survive. They don't limit their options.

And... you are assuming the Teen Titans are not going to be bad ass! And they are -- woot woot!

Tell me how JLA works within the 52, if their 5 years YOUNGER, Then In Action Comics 1, Superman is starting out, how does that all work out? I dont get it. Please explain ti to me! D:

I don't write the JLA or Superman or Action Comics, LOL! So I am afraid I am the wrong person to ask that question.


What would your advice be for aspiring writers, who want to work in comics? :)

In the past I used to tell people the way I broke in was by pitching very small stories with characters that are off the beaten path... don't try to write a Wolverine story, try to write a Tigra story and make it unique to that character, this way editors will say "Wow! That was the best Tigra story I've ever read!" instead of, say, writing a Wolverine story where you can't change the character to delve too far and then the editor says "Meh, I've read better."

But that seems to have changed over the years. It used to be you couldn't get near an X-character until you'd written a lot of stuff before hand, and not they give out those characters to newish writers like they are candy! (Meow! LOL!)

I will say this, though, I BELIEVE if the internet was around when I was in my twenties (back then we were still going to the coliseum to see the lions wrassle with the Christians!) I would have taken full advantage of the medium to partner up with an artist and put out my own comics -- a page a week, two if I could. Editors (like most people, myself included) have a huge respect for anyone that accomplishes what they want to do. It is a simple matter to say "I want to write a screenplay!" and an altogether different matter to sit down and write it! So when an editor follows a link to your website with your own comic on it, they stand up and take notice: here is a person who doesn't let anything stop them from doing what they want! It is a very powerful statement you make to the universe when you create and produce something on your own.

Also I will say this. I've always felt over the years "There are going to be two types of people you are going to meet in your career: those who help you and those who are in your way. Except the help from those people who give you an opportunity, and figure out away around the people who are in your way. Because there are always going to be people in your way, but nobody can stop you except for you." It has always worked for me!


Why did you give Red Robin wings?

Answered in the accompanying interview!

Will we see Cheshire in Red Hood and the Outlaws?

Asked and answered!

If you could write any character other than the ones you're doing now, who would it be?

Wonder Woman! (But I have a different perspective on Wonder Woman than has ever been written. Sigh. Some day!)

Who's your favorite artist you've worked with?

You are trying to get me into trouble! LOL! I've had the fortune to work with some of the greatest artists in the business. If I had to pick one I'd say working with George Tuska well into his eighties! What a talent.

What can you tell us about the new characters in Teen Titans?

Hmmm... a little open ended there, eh? I will tell you that I write comics, as per DC's request, by writing the plot first and then after it is drawn I add the script. So when I'm plotting Bugg and Wall and "Charcoal Girl's" introductions to the series I have an idea of who I think they are. But then Brett turns in these pages and I fall completely and totally in love with Celine and Miguel and everyone else -- they are so fun and interesting and vibrant and just so damned alive that I can't wait to find out what they are saying!

As a fan myself, I remember being fascinated by the African-American guy who was half robot and the girl in a blue cloak and the orange alien in the purple bikini armor that appeared on the pages of the New Teen Titans way back when, and couldn't get enough of them when they actually started interacting with Robin and Kid Flash and Wonder Girl and Aqualad and the others. I'm hoping that as you get to know the new characters and see them interact with the Core Four, you'll come to embrace them as much as I have!

Will we be seeing Batman or Green Arrow or Nightwing in Red Hood and the Outlaws?

I think Green Arrow has an extended cameo in issue six or seven, but generally, no -- not planning any encounters between Jason and the Bat Gang. It seems like a lot of Jason's appearances have involved them and I'd really rather concentrate on defining Jason outside of All Things Bat. (Now, having said that, I could get a call tomorrow from my editor -- well, Monday because I'm writing this on Saturday morning -- saying something just happened in the Batman or Detective or any of the other ongoings that require Jason's involvement... and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS would look inconsequential if that wasn't reflected in the book... but as I am writing this I have no plans!)


What will Wonder Girl and Superboy's relationship be like in Teen Titans?

It is a work in progress! But I'll tell you this (shhhh!)... Superboy doesn't meet her until issue four. And she and Tim have been interacting and saving each others lives for four issues by then...

I will say this: being a teenager is a very tumultuous time in a person's life. Hormones are raging, your looking at a time when you have to start to grow up and make your own decisions, you are trying to figure out the way the world works and find every day you have to adjust whatever theory you had worked out the day before. Love can feel like it is eternal and when you are having a bad day it can feel like this is your life and every day is going to be as bad as this one. Sometimes a difference of opinion can feel like a betrayal that strikes to the core of a friendship or a relationship.

So to that end I would say, don't look for any everlasting soul mates between the Teen Titans. There will be relationships, there will be love (By God, there will be love! LOL!) but lets not look to assign soul mates too quickly. Lets sit back and watch what happens.


Also, why did you give Red Robin wings...? ):

Wow! I think this is the first time anyone has asked me this question!

(hee hee! read the accompanying interview for the real answer!)

The Dark Huntress

@slick23 said:

Will Dick and Starfire still had their relationship?

Yes. Their relationship is still canon. They're not together now, though. Nor will they be in the foreseeable future.


Why does Superboy have a different costumes for his solo, and Teen Titans?

While he is with N.O.W.H.E.R.E. he is wearing the monitor-suit we see on the cover of his book. By the time he is hanging out with the TEEN TITANS, he has left the suit behind him and has a more casual look as reflected on the cover of TEEN TITANS #1.

And wait until you read the story of his tattoo! I've read a lot of theories on the boards but none of them have been correct!


Why is Teen Titans so awesome, and why am I addicted to it?

LOL! I know I have always been addicted to the Teen Titans because they are not the JLA or OUTSIDERS or any other of the adult teams who already have it all figured out by the time they've come together as team. They are kids, still trying to find their way in the world -- and as if that isn't hard enough they have to do it with super powers and code names and often adults trying to kill them for assorted reasons! I'm sorry but there is just so much more character interaction between teenagers than there is between adults who have in the past sat around in costume in a satellite waiting for a signal to fly into action! Teen Titans is always going to rock, Cyerninja! So as addictions go, you'll have an endless supply for years to come!


Was it nessesary to butcher Titan-history to the degree it seems to be?

Hmmm... I sense a bit of editorializing in your question.

But seriously, it is a slightly difficult question to answer because I'm not sure what butchering you are referring to specifically. I think people, as they read, will be surprised by how much of the Titan-history remains in tact. And even where the 52 has necessitated some changes, they aren't changes that are so wholesale that the characters and past relationships are going to become unrecognizable. (That is, Tim and Bart are not going to become bitter enemies with a past, Cassie is not a ninja from another world who hates all humanity!) I will tell you this: I've been a huge Titans fan my entire life, before Marv, After Marv, Before Geoff and After Geoff... I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for all the stories that have come before me... and nothing I do on TEEN TITANS is going to change some of the best stories ever written -- they are all still there for TEEN TITANS fans to discover, re-discover, and enjoy now and forever.


Aqualad will appear eventually right?!? Will he look like Brightest Day Kaldur or Young Justice Kaldur? Thanks!

Eventually, I am certain. In fact, SCOOP HERE: I was originally asked to include him in the first issue -- one of our earliest conversations between me and the editors. He was going to be part of the Core Five! But then it was decided, if I recall, that he was going to be such an important player in another book, that it should be left up to that book's writer to define exactly who Aqualad is and how he fits into the world. If I were writing him over in TEEN TITANS, his adventures in the other book would conflict with the team book. So, for the sake of Kaldur's continuity and growth he will not be appearing in the book just yet. (That said, I can't wait for the day he's a Teen Titan! Is he an awesome character, or what?!)

And your welcome! LOL!


Is Rose still Deathstroke's daughter in this continuity? I am assuming she is.

I assume that to be true as well. But I'm not sure what Kyle's plans are with Deathstroke and I don't want to step on anyone's toes. (Now, that doesn't mean -- as some have suggested on different message boards that this is all some un-thought out improvisation: it just means that when you share a character with another writer you want to be respectful of that other creator's process. Because Rose's father doesn't have anything to do with Rose during the first year of stories, there is no reason for me to press Kyle on her relation to Deathstroke. He'll decide in time whether he needs to introduce her or ignore her completely. So we'll see.)

Is Bart the first Kid Flash in this new universe?

I don't think so. But in his head he is certainly is!

Is Roy's relationship with Dick Grayson strained like Starfire's is?

Certainly Roy has made a lot of poor life decisions over the years. But then, I also think Dick is probably a more forgiving friend than most.

(But one thing I will say is... as people live their lives, friends and family and teammates move in and out of each others orbit. So while Roy and Dick were teammates and certainly friends at one point, it is just as likely that they won't necessarily see each other for a few more years. This notion that because Dick and Roy were on the Teen Titans together that they are somehow going to have to meet again or be compelled to interact with each other doesn't feel mandatory to me. Maybe they will, maybe the won't. Some stories we'll just all have to wait and see together: we meaning you, me and the characters!)

And I like the friend/rival relationship you seem to be building between Red Robin and Wonder Girl. Not really a question, but just thought I'd mention it, lol.

I love the interaction between the two! And just as they start to get to know each other... Superboy shows up.


Has the current Batman continuity limited your use of Gotham-centric characters?

Not at all -- there are no plans to be anywhere near Gotham.

I will tell you this SCOOP! At one point early on I asked if I could have PENGUIN for TEEN TITANS, to re-imagine him, to make him really creepy and menacing! There was something interesting about this bitter old Cobblepot just being sort of infuriated and repulsed by these kids all full of hope and vinegar. But I was told nay (NAY!) because someone else was re-imagining him in his own mini-series! So... now I can't wait to read it! But who knows, maybe he'll wind up being a great Titans villain after all.

Also, I should just mention, regarding Gotham. I think there might be this assumption that Red Hood is going to be spending all his time in Gotham City, but he's not. In fact, if he never went to Gotham City again in his entire life he and I would be okay with it. LOL! There is just so many fun and interesting and intriguing things that Jason and Roy and Kori can do together... to keep dragging him back to Gotham City like Michael Corleone in the Godfather movies "Every time I try to get out, i get dragged back in again!" just feels redundant to me.

Judd has told some awesome Red Hood in Gotham stories -- maybe the ultimate Red Hood in Gotham stories -- I say lets move on and let Jason exist in the larger world outside of Gotham.

Is the tone for your Teen Titans more mature than recent Teen Titans stories?

I'm sorry, I don't mean to cop out on an answer but I'm not really sure what you mean. Is the idea that recent Teen Titans stories have not been mature? Been immature? In what way? Because I don't see that -- I think all the Teen Titans stories I've read have them very grounded in characters having these amazing adventures.

Are you asking if the stories will get darker? More gritty? Nah. Sure there will be drama and times when death looms around every corner... but doesn't that happen in most super hero comics books?

I'm sorry, I feel like I was unable to answer your question because I didn't quite understand it.

Has the Young Justice series influenced your work on any of your character interpretations?

I haven't watched the Young Justice series so I would have to say the answer is no. But when I was writing a series called the X-MEN years ago they had an animated series which was a monster hit. The books and the animated series were to different creations and they remained that way throughout and everyone was happy.

To that end I think it is better if I keep not watching the series and just concentrate on writing Teen Titans.


Will Starfire find any new romances in the course of her book (Jason and/or Roy)? cos that could certainly be a lot of fun :)

I think Starfire tried romance with a human and it didn't turn out very well in the end.

Also how are the new characters in Teen Titans going to interact with the current one? (any best friendships, romances, etc.)

I don't mean to be glib, but I'm not really sure until they actually start interacting. As I've probably said elsewhere, I write plot first -- then the artist draws it -- then I add the script. Consequently, there are things I don't know about the character interaction until I see it. A perfect of this is in issue three, when Tim meets Miguel, or more specifically where Red Robin meets the Wall. I knew that they were meeting for the first time, and that the Wall was excited about the notion of meeting one of his idols in the flesh -- but when they actually meet?! I got the pages back from Brett and the page is so joyful, and you suudenly SEE Miguel's adoration for Tim, and you see Tim's surprise by Miguel's reaction (Tim is, after all, used to intimidating people when he's dressed as Red Robin!) that you realize that their particular relationship is going to be different from any other in the group. I only had a notion of that before Brett drew it -- and once I saw them in the flesh I realized there is gold in them there hills!

If I can gush for just a second: Yeah, I am a comic book writer -- but I've also been a comic book fan for much much longer. So, yeah, even though I am the person tasked with writing the stories, I am also the guy who gets pages in and sees the sketches and is surprised by the splash pages and wowed by the covers.... and I've always said that if I can get excited by the comic I am writing then I think it is a good indication that another fan will be too! Part of staying excited, to me, is not planning too far ahead.

Okay, one more thought (Sorry! LOL!) But I have to say as a fellow writer I am often surprised and sometimes skeptical when I hear that a writer or a publisher has a five year plan... that they pitched a five year plan, issue by issue break down for such and such character. To me it feels a little, I don't know, contemptuous towards the reader and the character or the series. "I know best. I know what you are going to like years -- years - before you ever read it. I know what character is going to do what and then how they are going to feel about it what their next actions are going to be and then how all the other characters are going to react to them!" Um. Okay. But what happens when a character surprises you? What happens when a Damien shows up on panel -- the type of character that just electrifies every story he's in becuase he's just so fresh and different? What about when you bring a character into the story for a cemeo and you suddenly realize how interesting she is interacting with Superboy? Do you say "Feh! She is not part of my five year plan! Away with her?" or do you say "Oh my God, how interesting is this person? Look what he or she brings to this story?! Lets be fair and see where these two characters interacting takes me and them!" If you're telling me you have a five year plan for your series, your telling me that my reaction as a fan and the character interactions between each other are less important than servicing The Plan.

To me, that feels like opening up a bottle of soda and letting it sit on the counter for five years and then being surprised that it is flat. But that might just be me!

Are there gonna be any major story arcs that cross between both titles (Superboy and Teen Titans)?

Two answers... there will certainly be a lot of interaction between Superboy and Teen Titans, but written in such a way that you can enjoy both without having to read the other (but reading the other will certainly be fun!) Some of the subplots in those stories will rise and tapper off and build from issue to issue, but I am loath to use the term story arcs because they seem to have come to mean six-part tradepaperback stories since I've been away -- and my tendency is to write issue to issue and let the big stories present themselves over time.

Is it stressful or hard writing three ongoing books at the same time? I admire you for that, it seems like a ton of work

Stressful or hard are my only two choices?! LOL! Actually it is all a tremendous amount of fun -- even as deadlines loom! I've also been blessed by working with Bobbie Chase and Katie Kubert and Chris Conroy, editors are very supportive and organized who help keep me on track story and deadline-wise. Sometimes we have disagreements about story elements. They'll make their case and I'll make mine. Sometimes they say "Still not buying it!" and other times they'll say "Okay, that makes more sense when you add this element". It is very give and take and I couldn't be happier!

and one more thing: which book are you most anticipated for?

I, Vampire! Brrrr!

(And, naturally, I'm eager to hear what you say about "my" books!)


Am I fun to be around?...Ok, that wasn't serious....but if you wanna answer that it's cool with me :)

Well you are certainly fun to have around! You made me laugh!

My actual questions:

Does the series explain the history of the titans so far? as the only thing I've ever picked up titans wise is the 2003 volume I think when cyborg comes back after a year of inactivity. It's collecting dust on my shelf at the minute...

Not really, no. I mean, most of it is still there where most history exists -- in the past -- but it isn't going to be vital to the enjoyment of the series. TEEN TITANS #1 (and the other books) should feel like the first issue of a series! (And dust those shelves, man!)

Also any tips for writing a team book? It's connected to the titans....a little...

Have you ever been at a party and discovered that, of the ten people in the room, only you and one other are talking to each other while everyone else has coupled off to stare blankly at each other? Me neither! So when you are writing team books, always keep in mind that the way to make the characters feel grounded is by having them interacting with each other even if they are not in the foreground of the panel! (I can not abide by "wallpaper" -- those scenes where there a twenty to thirty super heroes on a page and they are standing around not talking to each other and they aren't even identified by the narrator! Eeeeek! Hopefully there will be less and less of that over the years!)

Was that a helpful tip?


IMO, one of the most entertaining comics you ever wrote was Generation X. Now, you're taking on Superboy and Teen Titans. Is there something you like about writing young people, coming-of-age stories, etc.?

Hmm. I like not knowing. By the time you are an adult you've managed to piece things together through experience -- but as a teen you're experimenting with ideas, trying to figure things out as you go. You might think you're right -- that you have it all down -- and then, whammo! That is a lot of fun to write.

Also, one of the things that I PERSONALLY find interesting -- which I will tell you right now will get a lot of fans nervous -- is that I think teenaged super heroes are much more fluid than people realize. Like, just because Tim has been Red Robin for a few years, there should be no assumption on the part of anyone that he's going to stay a super hero and more than he'll eventually take over the cowl from Batman. Superboy could decide, heck, maybe the best way to help the world is by taking it over -- if not him, who? Wonder Girl could become the next Wonder Woman... or she could decide to become a blacksmith on Olympus. Really, who knows?! These kids are young and they are going to make choices and those choices may change as new information and experiences present themselves! Just because they are Teen Titans now doesn't mean they will always be Titans or even heroes.


Red Hood and the Outlaws is a new comic and a team book. You've got 2 characters, Jason and Arsenal, who a lot of people really don't like. Do you hope to change people's opinions of them by not necessarily changing those characters, or do you actually intend to change them?

That is an interesting question. I'll best explain it this way: there have been many people over the years that I don't like. Because they are stupid or rude or arrogant or any combination of the three. I'd say nine out of ten times, after I talk with them, I wind up thinking "Wow! That person is pretty cool. I judged them before I knew them." Crazy how many times we learn the same lesson in life, eh?

Similarly, while there may be people who don't like Jason and Roy, I am hoping that the more they learn about them, the more they'll like them. Is that change, or is it that people's perception will change when they see Jason not in Gotham and not obsessing over Batman? (And yes, some of Roy's emotional baggage is going to get lost at the airport on Flight 52 -- but at his core he's still Roy!)

Also, do you feel this book has an advantage or disadvantage because it's a little different to your standard super-hero book? As in, these here are a team of not so popular characters, in a sense, but it's just so crazy it might work.

LOL! It certainly is different -- and if people want different, then Reed Hood & The Outlaws is going to be the book for them! Please write me again in a few issues and let me know if it was crazier enough to work!

I'd like to think it will do well in any case and I truly adore the art

Holy -- ?! Is Kenneth awesome or what?! Wait until you see the worlds and the characters he's created! Suzie Shu deserves her own mini series!


Where is Beast Boy? will he be a permanent member of the Teen Titans or is he eliminated from the new 52? same with Raven, or will they do a series together?

I'm sorry, I don't know where either character is at the moment. I could ask, I suppose, but as they are not in TEEN TITANS right now it doesn't seem like information I need to have. (I don't mean that rudely, I am only saying i don't know the answer to that question.)

Actually since congorilla is going to find a new freedom beast, beast boy and him should team up to do that and meet up with batwing, maybe he should form a justice league africa.

Wait. What?


Considering how different his character is and the fact that he almost became Batman, what aspects of Red Robin will be brought over to the Teen Titans to ensure that Tim leading the group isn't a repeat of the last time?

I've said before in other interviews that the whole notion of a "leader" on the team seems so stultifying to me. I think it will be different because I don't think Tim sees himself as a leader -- he's just a kid hanging out with other kids trying to make things better. But this whole notion of Tim being a great leader and Cassie being a wet rag and who should get a turn about being leader next and etc... I just don't have any interest in exploring any of that. (That sounds different to me!)


@iLLituracy said:

Why did you give Red Robin wings?


@Scottlobdell said:

Read accompanying article!


You mentioned that the Teen Titans is not going to be a team of sidekicks. Then why are there notorious relations between these teens and someof the "A-List" characters? Is there still going to be a relation between the team members and their "original" counterparts?

Not so much, no. Aside from Red Robin and Batman, we really want Kid Flash and Superboy and Wonder Girl and the others to stand on their own as interesting characters without having to compare them to other super heroes with similar powers. Again, we've had some 30 plus years of "How can I thrive within the shadow of my mentor?" stories. Let's let the kids see what other stories they can tell!

For example: Superboy and Superman, Red Robin and Batman, Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman and Kid Flash and Flash.

Again, I don't know that many 16 year olds that are terribly interested in what their parents or the adults in their lives have to say to them, do you?


Since you're writing Teen Titans AND Superboy, any chance we'll see some SuperMAN villains take on the Titans, and if so which would you like to feature?

Wouldn't that be a blast?! We'll see who I can pry away from the adults table to come eat with the kids!

(I'll tell you this, though: Geoff created such a horrifying idea for a villain -- the "daughter" clone of Lex and Brainiac! Can't. Wait. To. Use. Her.!)


Will we see Beast boy or Raven make an appearance in Teen Titans or another one of your books?

No plans at this time.


Does Cheshire and Roy still have history? Will they have any relationship/contact? What about Lian?

See above. Way above!

Will there be any early new additions to the Teen Titans roster? Just started to warm up to Solstice and yeah... Raven and Beast Boy?

Stay warm!


Would not reading Superboy negatively affect my reading of Teen Titans or vice versa?

Nope! But why risk it?! LOL

"Under the Red Hood" is, I feel, one of the most tragic stores ever told - will Red Hood and The Outlaws have a similar tone? If not, what will the tone be like? (I can only use Todd's character for this question, as I've never read stuff of the other two)

I love that story and I'm glad it was told! But here come other stories for Jason and the others. I will say this, in terms of tone, but Jason and Roy are friends -- I'd say drinking buddies but Roy doesn't drink. But I do think that Jason having an honest to god friend is going to be different from loner Jason. The same way that you have a fun shorthand with your friends -- and you enjoy being with them because you bring out the best in each other... I can't help but think the tone will be different than a blood-soaked quest for vengeance!

And, as an author, how much detail do you put into your comic scripts? Do you leave most of the art up to the imagination of the artist, or do you go into details such as the color of the characters' shoelaces, and why do you feel one is superior to the other? Unless it's somewhere in the middle?

I think I am one of the more rare writers who encourages the artist to share as much as possible in the telling of the story. I don't want to the artist to "illustrate my story" -- i want to work on a story with my artist. So while, yes, sometimes I'll ask for a CLOSE-UP and a PULL BACK TO REVEAL... or I'll say ON THIS FULL PAGE SPLASH... I usually just break the story down page by page and then panel by panel with sample dialogue so the artist gets an idea of what I'm trying to go for. And unless the color of the shoelaces play a key part in a future story...

Actually, this might be a good example: MINI-SPOILER! ***** TEEN TITANS #2 opens with Kid Flash in a cell. I said "In this FULL-PAGE SPLASH KID FLASH is depressed as he sits in the cell. He feels like he's been here for weeks, but it has actually only been an hour -- that's what happens when you the fastest kid alive." When Brett sent me back the page, he added to this notion that Bart was bored by having given him a stick of chalk in his cell and -- like someone who counts off the years of a prison term -- he's been skrtiching out notches in the wall at super fast speed (by now you've seen the splash!). I thought it was a hoot and it added to the page and it isn't something I would have come up with on my own -- but that's why comics are so much fun! That's just one example!

Oh, and I'm really excited for your comics and The New 52 in general. Best of luck! You all rock! :D

Thank you! And I've talked to all the other writers and artists and we all agree that YOU ROCK too!


Is there any chance of Rose joining the Outlaws after Superboy joins the Titans?

All things are possible!

Many fans were expecting Ravager to be included in Red Hood's book and it would be nice not to have her tied down to Superboy.

Many fans? Interesting. Personally I think there wouldn't be a lot of room for contrast between the characters... is there anything she can do that Red Hood couldn't? I would be afraid she would be redundant, no?

If it means anything, Rose is just doing a job in Superboy. She's not in love with Superboy -- in fact the whole notion that this guy is just as much not human as he is human creeps her out. But, like Templar says in SUPERBOY 2, Rose is the perfect handler because she's the only one that treats Superboy exactly like she's supposed to: the same way you might raise a lion but you have to always keep in mind you are dealing with one of the most dangerous creatures on Earth. Yeah, Superboy might look like a clean cut kid from Kansas.... but is isn't. And no one knows that better than Rose.

Trust me when I say Rose is in no way tied down to Superboy. She's Rose -- You try to tie her down anywhere and let me know who that works out! LOL!

(p.s. You are so much nice "in person" than you are on those other message boards where you trash me for my stupid ideas! LOL! I enjoy talking with this November Fox way better!)


With the DCnU and the Wildstorm universes merged is there any chance of the Gen13 characters making an appearance?

I hope so!


Will Tim and Conner ever be a relationship?

See above!


Will superboy star of with his kryto powers??

Hmmm. I think you are asking me if Superboy will start out with his Kryptonian powers? I'm going to say no.

I have these theory that Superboy doesn't really have "Kryptonian powers" -- rather his telekinetic powers allow him the ability to mostly ape those powers and that the strands of Kryptonian DNA allow his body to do things he couldn't otherwise do if his body was completely human.

Also, because of his condition in the opening issues he's going to have to be learning his powers all over again, so he and we will be able to better understand how they work and watch them develop over time.


What aspects of Jason Todd's past are you keeping?

See earlier answer.

From his use of the Red Hood persona it looks like his death took place, but what are your circumstances around it?

Pretty much the same.

What about his war on crime?

It happened and I'm sure he'll keep trying to stop crime in his unique style. That said, he's not going to be as self-limiting as he has been in the past. He tried it, now he's going to be trying something else.

Past combat with the rest of the Bat-Family?

I don't see why any of it wouldn't have happened, I just don't perceive ever referencing it again.

Is Scarlet still in his life?


Is she still creeping things up in the dollatron get up?


Please don't have the dollatron get-up.

Double cleepy!

P.S. After watching the cartoon as a kid, I picked up my first non-batman comic book in the form of Uncanny X-Men. Thanks for helping start a long and very much loved passion of mine.

Ah, you rock! Thank you!


Will we see the return of Trigon? i absolutely love the stories when he is involved.also is there a chance of seeing a clash between the og teen titans and the new ones?

I fear Trigon has been back benched for the foreseeable future: though the possibility exists I might come up with the Ultimate Trigon Story in which case I will happily share it with you! But both Marv and Geoff and even Judd have told some awe-inspiring Trigon stories... let's give some other pan-dimensional demon warlord a shot, eh?! =)

No plans at all for a ogtt v. nutt!


Sorry for my bad English:)

First to say, I've been waiting for a Red Hood's ongoing for a very long time. So, thank you, Scott.

My question is: Will Jason accept the batfamily methods? I mean, will he stop killing criminals?


I love your English! Jason is Jason... and he has zero interest in being part of a family -- bat family or otherwise. He's going to do what he feels he has to do in any given situation and if that means killing someone then he will kill someone. And if he can stop a crime or dissuade a criminal without killing him, he'll do that two.

I don't know if that answers your question, my friend!

Stay tune for more answers to your questions!!